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Two thin goats - Dunn-Kahn and Rowdz...

2022.01.24 16:32 Curmudgeonthrope Two thin goats - Dunn-Kahn and Rowdz...

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2022.01.24 16:32 Gbebodi [H] $15 Amazon GC [W] 70% LTC

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2022.01.24 16:32 s_1991_l Alternatives to the Garmin training plans?

Hi, can anyone recommend good alternatives to the Garmin plans by the three coaches? Ideally ones that use the heart rate monitor. Im struggling to stay motivated with coach Amy at the moment!
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2022.01.24 16:32 oshgarr Oh Mad One, We See Your Trap

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2022.01.24 16:32 cosmic-cryptid blackbirds | a closer look at the luceran species

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2022.01.24 16:32 rizo109 [WTS] Sunshine Mint rounds, 2.5 pesos gold, 1/20th gold maple, palladium grams

Easy sale today:
20 sunshine mint rounds in tube - $520
1/20th gold maple - $115
2.5 pesos gold - $130
2 Palladium grams - $79 each
Zelle, PPFF, Venmo and Cashapp
Priority is $9 FC $5
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2022.01.24 16:32 Leeveslem Getting Gary Harris back

Magic are looking to move Gary Harris at the deadline. Could we be getting our guy back?? 👀
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2022.01.24 16:32 Animekillsanxiety Regice raid 2 minutes

please add one 6328 7835 4006 or 8192 1493 5313 or 7937 7119 7847
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2022.01.24 16:32 PremiumForAll ⭐️ Riley Reid

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2022.01.24 16:32 timebreakerlynch Should WWE pushed Matt Cardona all those years ago? Watching him now between GCW and Impact it's clear as day WWE let go someone that was clearly a star in this business

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2022.01.24 16:32 yummybanchan Jihyo - blonde, black leather top, slow mo

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2022.01.24 16:32 drbongo42 😱Panic! - The Interloper's Guide to the Galaxy...

The guide is primarily aimed at beginners who are most likely as overwhelmed as I was when I first started Interloping and it contains all of the stuff I really wish I had known when I started out. There are definitely lots of other ways to play the game so it is a purely a product of my own subjective experiences and no-doubt undiagnosed personality disorders – so I am not claiming that this is the best or only way to play, but feel free to shoot me down in flames and tell us how you think we should all be playing... 😂
Game Modes...
I would recommend that you start off by playing in Creative mode for a few hours initially just to get used to the controls, moving around, mining, shooting your weapon, flying your ship, driving the Exocraft and building a base etc. This is a great way to learn the basics without the risk of asphyxiation, radiation poisoning, toxic shock, heat stroke, hypothermia, animal maulings, sentinel attacks and the other million ways to die in the first minute or two of your new game. Once you have got the hang of things I would then switch to Normal mode, where there are still some dangers but nothing you can’t handle with your new found skills, probably... Most people play through the whole game in normal mode before moving onto the Survival and/or Permadeath modes. I personally much prefer Permadeath in VR (undiagnosed personality disorders?) because it is much more challenging and rewarding when you can lose everything in a split second, just like in real life. If you do eventually venture into Permadeath then my last words to you would be: Only jetpack uphill, shoot predators on sight and never, never, never install or use any grenade style weapons. Also – turn off PvP (and multi-player if you play Permadeath) because there are unfortunately a few who will terminate you on sight, and if they are using VR they can punch you to death even if PvP is turned off...
Lost in Space...
When you initially wake up on a strange planet you are going to have to take some action to survive and make it your spaceship. How urgently you need to do this will depend on the game mode you are playing: Normal could be a relaxing stroll taking time to smell the flowers’, Survival might be a brisk walk with the smell of the flowers being assumed rather than confirmed, and in Permadeath – panic stations – you are going to die, run as quickly as possible trying to grab materials as your life drains away. The game tutorial will recommend you gather ferrite dust from rock with your mining laser and then scan for sodium and oxygen to extend your life for a little bit longer. However, there often isn’t much around and what you do find isn’t going to last that long (ever been trying to get your shopping when the store is about to close?). My advice would be to start mining ferrite from rocks, carbon from plants and the blue di-hydrogen crystals whilst making your way to the nearest cave if you can find one. Once inside you can mine cobalt and then you can make lithium batteries (ferrite + cobalt) and Life Support Gel (di-hydrogen to di-hydrogen gel then mixed with carbon) which can be used to recharge your hazard protection and life support system. You should be able to create several batteries and life support gels which will enable you to survive and get to your ship (you will need to recharge your hazard support at least once with sodium to locate your ship – hazardous plants in caves often contain sodium as do cave marrows). While you are there it is good idea to mine as much cobalt as you can carry, which you will be able to sell later on for units, which you can use to buy upgrades and new equipment. What if I can’t find a cave you say? Well depending on the game mode you are either going to be fine, a bit out of breath when you reach the ship or die horribly alone on a strange world...
To Quest or not to Quest?
Once you find your ship you start the first main quest. Most people will complete the main quest(s) eventually and they do provide tutorials, unlock equipment upgrades and narrative/lore that informs the game. However, in my opinion there is no reason to just focus on and complete all the quests as fast as you can. Many people approach No Man’s Sky like any other game with a narrative/quest and often talk about ‘beating’ the game. This doesn’t make any sense to me – from my perspective No man’s Sky is an open world which you can explore and interact with. And whilst the quests/storyline are interesting and worth doing – someday – I think there is a lot to be said for getting distracted and wondering off for a few days/weeks/months before picking up the quest thread where you left off. I like to explore the first planet I find myself on and the other planets in the system thoroughly before moving on (make your first base on the most hospitable planet), and even then I try to really limit the number of systems I visit, so I can explore them thoroughly and remember what each has to offer. So currently I am about 90 hours into a permadeath game and have only visited six systems – I have explored about half of the planets so far, but I have five ships, two weapons, a freighter, a settlement, an activated indium mine and a nanite farm. So, if you like me you like to take your time and smell the flowers rather then being primarily goal oriented, you will get much more out of the game by exploring and having fun, rather than focussing on getting the quests done. That said I would recommend completing the first few steps of the quest up to the point where you get access to the Anomaly. From here you can buy all the upgrades and new technologies without having to follow any more quests. To facilitate unlocking the technologies/upgrades you will need to gather a lot of salvageable data using your terrain manipulator. Start on foot and once you have dug up 10 unlock the Roamer or Nomad Exocraft as this will significantly speed up your travel time between digs.
Money, Money, Money...
There are many different ways to earn units in No Man’s Sky and which methods are open to you and are most efficient will depend on at what stage you are in the game and mode you play (as inventory size is much lower in Survival and Permadeath). My recommendations are: In the early game gather as much cobalt as you can fit in your Exosuit and ship to sell at trade centres or minor settlements. You can find these by flying over a planet in your ship and scanning, later on you will also be able to visit the space station. Here you will be able to buy upgrades for your equipment as well as new weapons and ships etc. If you are lucky you might find a planet in the first system you find yourself in with Salvageable Scrap or Ancient Bones. Once you have the terrain manipulator installed you will be able to dig these up and sell them – they can be worth quite a lot of units, but you might encounter Sentinels recovering Salvageable Scrap – so upgrade your shield and weapons before trying this. Another way to earn units early on is to find crashed space ships, repair them and then scrap them or part-exchange them for a new ship. This is very hit and miss though – most finds won’t make you rich unless you chance on a decent sized hauler. You can however recover useful technology upgrades – and finding an economy scanner allows you to determine how wealthy systems are before you visit them. Wealthy system are more likely to have better quality ships and weapons as well as higher qualities and varieties of goods for sale. On the other hand, you can often get better prices when selling materials in poorer systems. Buying a few cheap ships is also a quick way to expand your storage slots early in the game, you can scrap them later on when you get a freighter.
Once you have access to anomaly you will be able to unlock a medium and large refiner – this will allow to make a lot of units really fast. You need to put chlorine or ionised cobalt with oxygen in to produce six times the input. You will need to either mine or purchase plenty of oxygen from the space station but only need one piece of chlorine or ionised cobalt to start the process. If you can’t find chlorine you can start with two pieces of salt. You can make ionised cobalt yourself from cobalt. By selling this to traders at the space station you will enable you to make millions of units very quickly and then you will be able to buy a better ship(s) and a better weapon etc. If you sell to the terminal in the station you can crash the economy and then prices will drop. Some people do this on purpose and buy the materials back a fraction of the cost and then do this at every station they visit. I personally don’t do this as I like to stay in systems for a long time and like to be able to keep selling stuff at a decent rate.
The third and most effective way to make vast amounts of money is to create an activated indium mine. Once created you will just have to visit it once a day, collect the materials and sell it to a trader at the best price you can find. Once you have one money won’t ever be a problem again. However, setting one up is a bit of a kerfuffle. Firstly, you need to be able to travel to a blue star system, which in term requires an Indium Drive. To get an Indium Drive you need activated emeril from a green star system, which requires an Emeril Drive – to get an Emeril Drive requires activated cadmium from a red star system, which in turn requires a Cadmium Drive which requires activated copper from a yellow star system. Fortunately, you can get activated copper and activated cadmium by scrapping ships and uninstalling upgrades. You will sometimes get activated copper when you scrap a ship and you can get activated cadmium by installing and uninstalling pulse drive upgrades. Once you have enough of both you can install the Emeril Drive, jump to a green star system, collect activated emeril, install the Indium Drive and finally jump to a blue star system. Simples! Now the real fun starts. You have to install a survey device onto your multitool and scan for hotspots. Hotspots are classed as S, A, B or C, with S giving the highest output, if you are very lucky you might even find an electromagnetic power source nearby to power it, but if not don’t worry it can all be powered by solar panels and batteries. Once you find the hotspot put down a save beacon and place a floor piece centred on top or underneath the beacon. If the terrain is steep you may want to build upwards before you start expanding outwards – it doesn’t matter how high you go as long as you are directly above the hotspot. If you have an S Class hotspot four mineral extractors will be enough to reach the 2500 units/s cap limit. After this you will get diminishing returns. If you only have an A, B or C hotspot you may want to add another two or four mineral extractors to get to that 2500 units/s cap – keeping them as close together as you can. You can now connect these up to each other using pipes and power them using an electromagnetic hotspot or solar panels and batteries. You will need two solar panels and two batteries for each mineral extractor. I usually put these in a separate room off to one side of the extractors. You then need to create space for your storage silos – I would recommend thirty to sixty initially which you will connect all together using pipes etc. This will allow you come and collect plenty of activated indium every few hours or once a day etc. If you want to increase the output per hour, you need to construct an identical floor of mineral extractors, storage silos, solar panels and batteries directly above the ground floor (using steps to get up there) but it is vital that you do not connect the two systems/floors with pipes. If they are connected or too close together it will be treated as one system and your output will drop significantly. You can add as many floors as you like, the most I ever made was eight, but you really don’t need that much money after a few days/weeks so for most people one or two floors will provide enough to buy everything you could possible want...
The other thing you are going to want plenty of to finance your new found compulsion to upgrade your equipment is nanites and unfortunately these are not as easy to come by as units. You can gather nanites by repairing damaged machinery or collecting them from wall units in buildings, but they are not going to quench your thirst so we need to take a more industrial approach. There are three ways to earn nanites in bulk and all of them are quite repetitive and tedious to do – so I would recommend switching between them to avoid going into a coma. The most obvious way to do this if you have plenty of money is to simply buy ships in a wealthy space station, scrap them and then sell the upgrade modules for nanites. This will give you nanites and storage augmentation modules (which allow you to increase spaceship storage spaces). I find that the best value for money are explorers, which tend to give more storage augmentation modules and fighters which tend to give more upgrade modules. Unless you get lucky with an S Class, I would only target A Class ships, and shuttles and haulers are just not as good value in terms of returns per unit. I wouldn’t recommend doing this continuously for more than an hour, but you should be able to get maybe 10-12,000 units in that time.
The second method is to put plants, meat and other elements you gather into a nutrient blender and then feed them to Cronos (my watermelon themed doppelganger) in the Anomaly – it doesn’t seem to matter very much what you feed him – I use Mystery Meat Stew, Fibrous Stew or Pilgrims Tonic and you get 10-150 nanites per gobble. Again, this is pretty tedious and repetitive but you should be able to earn 10-15,000 nanites in an hour, in fact I often do this at the end of the day as it sends me into a drowsy stupor, much more powerful than any sleeping tablets...
The third method is to build a Runaway Mould farm and refine them into nanites. In order to do this you need to find what are labelled as ‘Curious Deposits’ on a planet – they can appear on any planet type in various size patches from 1-32ish? You can find them by scanning on foot or in an Exocraft, but it is also possible to find them by just flying your ship over a planet surface very slowly if the terrain isn’t too steep or the flora isn’t too dense. The most I have personally found is a patch of 20, but the ones I find are normally less than ten in size. Once you find a nice sized patch, build a small base with two walls to catch the Runaway Mould when you mine it and a teleporter (and a landing pad: optional). Once you have mined the Runaway Mould activate the teleporter but select the Nanite farm you are already at and when you come out of the teleporter it will have regrown. You can keep doing this until you have filled your Exosuit, ship and underpants with runaway mould and then return to your base and refine it into nanites – this is the tedious bit, again an hour should get you 10-20,000 nanites. Some people prefer to put refiners at the nanite farm and refine it in situ...
Zen and the Art of Freighter Maintenance...
Most of the advice online regarding freighters is to wait until your second freighter battle (after 10 hyperdrive jumps) so that you get a much larger capital ship with more storage and for free. I understand why people would recommend this, but I prefer to buy a freighter as soon as I can because having one early in the game makes things so much easier. You get ten storage containers for free, extra storage in the freighter itself which you can access from anywhere if you install the Matter Beam (to unlock this you will need to steal Salvaged Frigate Modules from other freighters) and you can call down your Exocraft onto any planet as long as you own them (you have placed one on at least one planet somewhere e.g. your first base) and the freighter is in the same system. You can also reconfigure the interior and build yourself an enormous mobile base that will see you through till the end of the game (or if you play Permadeath - when you inevitably die horribly in the vacuum of space). By the time you encounter your second freighter battle you should easily have enough units to buy it outright even if it is an S Class (179,000,000 Units?). I usually buy the first A class system freighter I can find – but if you can’t find one just buy a B or a C rather than go without. You can part exchange it for a better one later and anything you build inside it will be transferred across automatically. The one thing you can’t do with a freighter is upgrade its class. So the chances of finding a large S Class Freighter are very slim even in a wealthy system. I didn’t find one until I was 800 hours in on my first normal save. Many people use exploits to repeatedly reload the battle until they get an S Class, and spend many hours doing this. I don’t think it is worth it in terms of time, but also because the only thing the class really affects that is useful is the hyperdrive range and the number of free slots. You can increase the number of freighter slots and upgrade the hyperdrive by searching derelict freighters for cargo bulkhead modules and freighter upgrades, which you can find by buying a distress beacon from the dodgy looking guy/gal in the space station. You can also buy a fleet of thirty frigates to send on expeditions to bring back loot. I recommend buying six of each type: combat, explorer, trader, industrial and support so that you have enough frigates to send out at least 5 missions at a time.
The Entrails...
Thankfully we are now at the end of the guide! I hope it helps you to get started and I believe once you have upgraded your equipment, acquired a nice weapon, a collection of ships, a freighter and a fleet of frigates you are now actually ready to start the real adventure – explore the galaxy(s) and build your eternal intergalactic legacy (or a small unmarked gravestone if you play Permadeath)...
Have Fun...
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2022.01.24 16:32 Internet_Kid99 I made a trifle!!

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2022.01.24 16:32 Minute-Isopod5339 [reddit, Instagram] let’s trade and jerk to big tits

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2022.01.24 16:32 Sam_InOut Guidance would be really appreciated.

I have just started work for a local community centre and they are in need of some organisation with admin but obviously we have to spend a lot of time working stuff out for ourselves because we cannot afford app subscription or it specialists.
We have started running activities through the week and would like a way to track what goes on during the activity.
We have 365 paid for and I think Teams can give us what we need but I am struggling getting my head around what apps may be useful.
What we need is not complicated but we lack experience of software and IT in general.
We would like: 1) the activities in the Calendar so all can see (I managed this 🙌). 2) leave notes for activity leaders so they open calendar event and can see any info we have added. 3) Track number of participants. 4) take photo of paperwork and attach to said activity. 5) measure some metrics that we can collate in graph form (along with number of participants).
It seems straight forward to me but I am struggling working out the best teams apps to use.
The idea being that we keep admin as simple as possible, with activity leaders able to pick up the iPad and everything is in one simple place.
If anyone can support me with this I would truly be appreciative.
Thank you for reading
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2022.01.24 16:32 wescleybraga Hipnosis | Wescley Braga | On sale for 0.7 ETH | RARIBLE

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2022.01.24 16:32 StillTop336 Vinyl Decal Sellers - how do you deal with customers who can't read??

I sell vinyl decals, which are 3 parts... the sticker backing paper, the vinyl decal itself, and the clear transfer sheet that's on top-- (most of you probably know this but I'm explaining for clarity). A vinyl decal is applied to the surface with the clear transfer sheet, then you PEEL IT OFF, leaving only the vinyl part left...
Well I got several bad reviews at first because people said the sticker was "cut crooked" because they kept the clear sheet on and since I cut it out with scissors (since it's meant to be thrown away) it is sometimes crooked. And then I also got lots of 5 star reviews where buyers posted pictures of their decals applied to their laptops, cars, etc, with the transfer sheet STILL ON.
I switched to transfer paper with a blue grid on it, thinking that would make it obvious that the transfer sheet needs to be removed and thrown away. It doesn't. Now I've had a few 1 star reviews, including one this morning that says "this is not like the picture at all. There is a graph on top that ruins it"
I have a photo of the decal application instructions on Etsy, I include a printed out sheet of instructions that has the step that says "REMOVE THE CLEAR TRANSFER SHEET (THE ONE WITH THE GRID ON IT)" in bolded letters with every order.
I don't know what more to do??? I'm thinking of making a video that shows to remove the transfer sheet and add that to every listing? Does anyone else have this problem?
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2022.01.24 16:32 paris_newyork Neural reinstatement reveals divided organization of fear and extinction memories in the human brain

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2022.01.24 16:32 GasEnvironmental4867 Impact Investing: Transforming How We Make Money While Making a Difference

Impact Investing: Transforming How We Make Money While Making a Difference free pdf pls
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2022.01.24 16:32 Frank_Dracula Here's more ad related cartoons.

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2022.01.24 16:32 datdutho The typical "financial advice" on this sub

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2022.01.24 16:32 Knowme1414 Shiny Zacian and Zamazenta codes for trade

Still have codes to trade.
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2022.01.24 16:32 Top-Rent-6667 Ps4 rust add me pink_lean22 tryna get started

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2022.01.24 16:32 Outrageous-Doctor-35 Which Plotting Library?

Hey Guys, Simple and short: which Plotting Library would you recommend? I am fairly experienced with python and always used matplotlib. Recently tried interactive plots and I quickly noticed the boundaries. So now I want to switch. I am a mechanical engineer and have a lot of data to manipulate (mostly done with numpy or pandas) and then plot automatically (sometimes interactively). The plots are not used in a website, just for analysing experiments. Best regards
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