Here were my pulls from my first two booster boxes of Star Birth

2022.01.24 16:47 Jordan_Sound Here were my pulls from my first two booster boxes of Star Birth

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2022.01.24 16:47 Nich-olas Wrote an about Danilo Soares

Hi guys I wrote my very first football article, if you have a free minute please check it out. I’m a massive bundesliga fan and would like to write many articles. Would appreciate any comments.
article link
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2022.01.24 16:47 tqgibtngo Leviathan Bakes

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2022.01.24 16:47 abethebabe44 Been lurking here for a long time. this is my first take on instant ramen, it all over the place I know, any pointers would be great too.

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2022.01.24 16:47 LugusLamfada ''latinos'' from the USA: don't say latinx don't appropiate our language that we don't even speak. latinos from argentina:

''latinos'' from the USA: don't say latinx don't appropiate our language that we don't even speak. latinos from argentina:
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2022.01.24 16:47 1_Methadone_Man My 14 lb Italian Greyhound has a pulled muscle anyone has an idea besides a vet let me know.

About a weak ago my dog tries frantically to squeeze under decking and house. One day she's whimpering and holding one of her hind quarters up. I had an oppaintment. The injury has her whimpering most when she gets up.
I had an appointment at a Veterinarian a few blocks from my house for just a meat and great. The dog is 5+ years old that I only got a month ago. I had been bad because I started giving her 1/8 of a muscle relaxer and it worked well. I feel her bones and there no swelling or break. Sure I know go to my new Veterinarian but I just got rolled by Banfield pet Hospital. The dog had an itching and bitting skin disorder and that cost me over $300 plus $50 a month for 6 months to never go there again. That business office must have been in timeshares before pets.
Anyway I give her hip massage and a love bomb. I only give her the 1/8 of a muscle relaxer 1 time a day. I'm prescribed to take it 3 times a day. I don't want to overdo that. Any help?
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2022.01.24 16:47 trowyan Questions from an outsider ^^

Hi! I hope this sort of post is allowed on here and if not please let me know!
I recently came across some information about furries and have become quite intrigued by the concept and community aspect of it.
What does being a furry entail to you personally? What does it mean to you? How did you get started in it and how does it affect your life/ how important is it to you?
I’m genuinely curious and would like to learn more and also become more open minded when it comes to different subcultures since I know that furries get a lot of unnecessary hate. Thanks!
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2022.01.24 16:47 KnavishFob Why is it that organized religions are not considered to be cults by the most basic definition of the word cult?

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2022.01.24 16:47 Didi-cat Juvenile American Dipper

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2022.01.24 16:47 FORTNITEISGAY227 had them for 1 week,how do you think they will look when matured?

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2022.01.24 16:47 piercerson25 Where do you find support for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder in BC?

Hello everyone,
I was ready the site for BC here:
But it seems dedicated to children, not adults. I'm working with my doctor, but she isn't allowed to formally diagnose.
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2022.01.24 16:47 harvey_murphy Talk about a brick wall

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2022.01.24 16:47 SirGroundbreaking313 Which one to use ES Modules or CommonJS for my APIs written in Express.JS.

I am starting a new project with Express.Js and I am confused about what should I use ES Modules or CommonJS as I am not aware of the industry standards, So can anyone help me with this?
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2022.01.24 16:47 MisterKing_13 Dicas IMPORTANTES para Iniciantes em 2022! - Torneio de Campeões

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2022.01.24 16:47 ReallySillyLily36 That's certainly 1 way to look at it

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2022.01.24 16:47 H0LY_MACKEREL1305 Half-Life (1) keeps crashing randomly.

I've verified integrity of game files, I've uninstalled and reinstalled, my PC more than meets the requirements to play the game (I can literally play any game but this one). This has been happening for weeks now and I can't find any help. I play for 2-10 minutes and it just automatically alt+f4. It's really bugging me because it used to run no problem and I was getting good at speedrunning (Steam version and WON both crash btw).
Anyone know a way to help?
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2022.01.24 16:47 FetchMeMySlippersDad Has anyone ever found organic webs to be kind of gross?

Like does it move through your vain? do you feel the webbing shoot through your wrist? Yeahhhh i’ll stick to mechanical…
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2022.01.24 16:47 posthumusp My .308 Rounds are ass for accuracy. Advice needed

Hello friendos. I've hand loaded a few batches of .308 to some serious disappointment in the accuracy department.
I am loading based off of Hogdon's (sp?) published reloading data using CFE223 as a powder. This load is producing "palm of hand" sized groups out of my Remington 700 SPS 20" off of a bench setup. As a control, I've shot some Magtech "Sniper" 168 gr SMK rounds which give me pretty good (< 1 MOA) groups out of the same gun.
My load: Federal Large Rifle Primer Once Fired Brass fired from my own rifle
48 grn CFE 223 168 grn Sierra Matchking bullets
I've been seating the bullet to an OAL of 2.800 (give or take). Should I be seating the bullets deeper or something? Im not the worlds best shot, but something is definitely wrong here. Advice would be appreciated!
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2022.01.24 16:47 smaulpith Cameroon v Comoros

I’m watching this match at the moment and I see a familiar name playing for Comoros…Fouad Bachirou, ex Greenock Morton!
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2022.01.24 16:47 ThaGoatV2 Nividia RTX 3060 Ti EVGA XC

Like new and never Overclocked brought a few weeks ago new and finally got a better graphics card so looking to sell this one. Does not have the original packaging and has always been PC Kept. New from two weeks ago! Price is $800.00 will look for other offers as well!
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2022.01.24 16:47 chiuta Vehicle crashes into house in Lakeshore

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2022.01.24 16:47 Jeyjeyp trophy hunters to add?

psn: jeyjeyp
someone wanna add me? I used to hunt for completion on xbox but now I only have a ps4 that I bought last year, I want trophy hunters added so I can get inspired to start playing games again, I only a few games and no ps gold but I think ill plat bloodbourne
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2022.01.24 16:47 vladimirlovescake Is it safe to use TO glycolic acid toner daily?

I've been using this product for months three times a week. Despite so many people recommending it, I feel like my skin still has a lot of dead skin and texture, and it doesn't seem to be doing what it should. Would using it more often help?
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2022.01.24 16:47 katlynn123 smh, fame changed him 😒

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2022.01.24 16:47 PwmEsq What would it take for Bringer of Rain to be viable, at least for a short while, say pre red maps?

When i first started playing years and years ago BOR was actually a wanted item. At this point it is so power crept that by the time you can wear it, its not worth it. Recently its been hurt by blind changes, but melee phys and faster attacks arent even the supports most skills run anymore. The armor and life arent terrible, but i think at a minimum it needs like 15-25% all res to even be considered for the tradeoff that is no body armor. I think the block chance could also be increased for how mad block is these days.
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