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Multiple Tech Job Openings in SaaS with office based in Guadalajara!

2022.01.24 17:33 expatica Multiple Tech Job Openings in SaaS with office based in Guadalajara!

You can apply via my referral links below:

We offer Remote, Hybrid, and Onsite work arrangements to work in our brand new Guadalajara office located in Puerta de Hierro, part of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara. The office has an open yet focused working space layout and employees enjoy access to stocked kitchens with daily catered lunches and social activities that celebrate a variety of personal interests. We have plenty of opportunities to meet your colleagues around the globe and we also celebrate a variety of personal interests with organized groups and clubs including an Employee Action Committee, Women of Brightcove, Pride of Brightcove, Parents of Brightcove … and more!
Must apply in English
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2022.01.24 17:33 Born-Cardiologist-35 70.3 victoria run course

Is 70.3 victoria run course next% friendly?? I know is kind of a flat trailish road but I’ve seen comments saying is not that technical and could be done in vaporflys.
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2022.01.24 17:33 Few-Sir9379 Why the stock price of Netflix drop so much?

Their stock price drops 35% compared to Jan 1, 2022. But Netflix is making more profit than last time. And the subscribers is keep going up, just 0.1% less than the estimated. If it’s about the 0.1% number, I’m more confused. Can’t imagine if their subscribers number decreased one day. Their stock price would be a joke that lasts.
What‘s the problem of Netflix? And do you think the Stock price would come back? I’m a new subscriber for Netflix and don’t know that much about it before.
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2022.01.24 17:33 StockHawke $MEND.c | building good daily habits

Very interesting article by $MEND on “Splitting Your Day for Good Habits”
Eagerly looking forward to the launch of their new NURO app scheduled for March 2022!
td, $MEND.c trading at $0.57 with market cap at $22.88 M
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2022.01.24 17:33 Newlygraduateddd Touchy subject

Not sure how this reddit thread works so i’m sorry please remove this post if it’s not allowed.
I’m just curious what you WRX drivers think of the new Supra!?
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2022.01.24 17:33 BiggieDDD [FREE FOR PROFIT] Shoreline Mafia x Ohgeesy x Fenix Flexin Type Beat 2022 - "Vicious"

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2022.01.24 17:33 HopefulLawStudent1 Solo Bossing Accomplishments, Solo Progression, and Blackguard

Solo Bossing Accomplishments, Solo Progression, and Blackguard Hi Maplestory!
Blackguard is a solo progression and struggle-party NA Reboot guild, with an emphasis on players being motivated to get better and push boundaries and being anti-carry. This post is to emphasize our solo bossing achievements, some of our cracked players, and a recruitment to the guild.
Solo Bossing Accomplishments — celebrating every step! As a whole, a large part of Blackguard has been very motivated to push bossing. The strongest party is near BM-eligibility (largely gated by levels) and the vast majority don't use a Kanna to farm.
You can see here a few of the players and the bosses they have soloed so far. There are a lot of others who haven't filled out the sheet yet.
For comparison of time, Blackguard's first-ever HLucid clear was exactly 1 year, 1 day ago as a party of six after significant attempts. Now, a lot of us can casually duo HLucid and several solo it. Only recently, our Aussie-ping BaM has soloed HLucid as well.
Note, we have a very strong Ark (pink) who graces us with his presence, but spent most of their bossing time in another guild hence the outlier.
A large part of our memories of the game (at least speaking for myself and some others) are the bossing milestones, especially at a damage-point that requires full-timers or high-intensity focus. Some of our HLotus clears (e.g. our skillful Hero, who isn't on the sheet, or our unusually powerful Adele, who also isn't on the sheet) were done at stat point/damage points that were below what others considered "the min damage." Our cracked Cadena main has put many of us to shame with how good they are. Many of these clears could be a detailed post in themselves, but for brevity, I'll leave it here. We're all very proud of our own accomplishments (and celebrate each others!).
"True" Solo Progression — truly cracked players Most of us started solo progression but became struggle-party friendly once we started to break or hit Lotus and Damien. However, there are at least three (and likely more) players in the guild who have been complete and true solo progressors. In addition, they don't farm on Kanna, either.
  • Eigen (the Zero in the sheet above) who has soloed ELucid and NSlime and soon pushing NLucid
  • Deckard (the Kain in the sheet above) (HLotus Solo, done with 17 absos, no arcane weapon, min-damage and nearly deathless)
  • Blahre (the Blaster in the sheet above) (the best player in the game, as far as we know, who has true-solo progressed using Empress gear and skipping Absos and gotten five-set Arcane, soloed HLotus, soloed CGloom, soloed HLucid, casually times-out in VHilla without healing Fams, and is nearly at solo CDarknell. Also, pretty much all of their clears are min-dmg). To the best of my knowledge (which may easily be wrong!), Blahre is the farthest progressed "true" solo-progressor in NA.
There are others including a retired blaster who solo'd NLucid and NWill a year ago and a dedicated Kaiser who is active on Reddit.
To say that these players are skilled is an understatement. Beyond just skill, they are dedicated, knowledgeable, and most importantly, patient. They spend a lot of time practicing bosses and looking to improve their skill, not just their gear. They don't follow "traditional" paths of progression nor do they play traditionally OP classes (or in the case of Blaster, play Blaster which is ).
Recruiting Blackguard — and why I continue to play! This post is largely a celebration of Blackguard's community milestones. The guild is plenty active and supportive, with some truly cracked and dedicated players that carve a path for others. Many of us never thought we'd be here.
When I first started, I was told to play certain classes, to build a farmer, and to get carried. I found all three discouraging, particularly the piece on getting carried. Knowing that didn't need to be (and frankly, shouldn't be) the norm kept me playing past the first few bosses. I know I've been largely inspired by them and only play this game due to this community.
I wanted to invite others, whether they are solo progressors or struggle-party players, to join us as long as they are wanting to better themselves and not look to carries. We have several parties at the various bossing levels past LoMien. Just recently, we've had a few players join our hard bossing parties! Most notably, the parties have a lot of loyalty and comradery to the members involved as the parties often progress together. We also aren't only focused on the end-game parties, as we want to support everyone starting from their first-ever CRA solo all the way to their ambitions to take on Black Mage and liberate. If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, come apply to Blackguard!
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2022.01.24 17:33 Cantankerous_Grad I am a grad student who doesn't know how to initiate tasks without first becoming anxious

INTRODUCTION: Hello Dr. K, and everyone! I am a 29-year-old male PhD student with ADHD and Depression, for which I take both medication and am now in counseling. I am working on a real dream dissertation, in a great program, with advisors I respect, coworkers/friends I admire, working towards the job I have always wanted. However, I find that I am really struggling with task initiation, which is a problem I have had since childhood. Academia operates under “publish or perish”, and my lack of productivity has been a consistent thorn in my side. Figuring out a way to get and stay productive without burning the candle at both ends is a high priority, as the job market is competitive and it’ll allow me to keep doing the research that I truly love doing. However, I find that I cannot initiate tasks without first experiencing enough anxiety to do so.
BACKGROUND: I am just recently divorced after a 10-year relationship, and I dealt with the grief, betrayal, and self-blame by throwing myself into work. This “worked” for a time as I had important deadlines and tasks to complete. However, I flamed out at the end of the semester and fell both physically and mentally ill, first getting the flu and then a severe bout of depression. Clearly this solution is and has been unhealthy.
Now that I’m coming out of that depressive pit, in hindsight see my depression as a result of childhood mistreatment for my ADHD – while I was always regarded as “an exceptionally bright child” with “great potential”, I frequently procrastinated on things which I found difficult or unnecessary. I have traumatic memories of severe scoldings by people who told me I was irresponsible, disobedient, and would not be successful because I didn’t turn things in on time, didn’t understand the directions the first time, or wasn’t working fast enough. As a result, I find that I can only really work when I’ve got a gun to my head and a guillotine above my neck.
METHODS: I’ve formerly never struggled with tasks I found inherently interesting or valuable because I was always intrinsically motivated by those things. Such things weren’t “work” because they were inherently interesting, and therefore “effort” wasn’t spent on them – merely my time. A lifetime of scolding however has created a sort of Pavlovian association in my mind however between anxiety and labor: I can only accomplish laborious or time-consuming tasks (formerly associated with uninteresting things) once I’ve become anxious, which is usually in the form of a deadline or scolding. On top of that, I’ve habituated and associated “accomplishing a task” with getting it done all at once in a marathon-sprint. Tasks are all-or-nothing; complete or incomplete; perfect or imperfect.
As I’ve progressed through my academic career, the amount of work required to do research has only expanded. Now those intrinsically motivating interests have this parasitical extrinsic-anxiety samskara latched on to them. I now procrastinate on necessary things – even though I love my job and field beyond words – until I can’t put it off any longer. My ADHD brain exists in a constant state of fight-or-flight, wherein I flee from the task until the task can’t be ignored, whence my coked-out machete-swinging orangutan brain finally beats it to completion. It has gotten me this far, but it will get me no farther; I refuse to let it.
CONCLUSION: This constant anxiety/hyperfocus/burnout cycle is exhausting, and may in part be why my marriage failed; I was simply too focused and burnt out on other tasks to notice if, when, and how things weren’t working. I cannot continue like this in my personal or professional life, but I think I’ve identified the root of this problem. How do I let go of this extrinsic-anxiety samskara and initiate tasks without needing anxiety to motivate it?
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2022.01.24 17:33 TravelWell1231 You sneaky Devil...

I had 20 days for dry January (started Jan 2nd), and then had one beer Saturday night. It's now Monday and I woke up, opened a beer at 7:30am out of sheer habit and have continued drinking since.
I'm not mad. I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I am here to acknowledge that just a slip can put me right back where I was and that is not where I want to be.
For all the early sober soldiers like me, don't let it creep back up on you. And for all others here, carry on and keep leading the way!
Thank you!
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2022.01.24 17:33 DanganronpaStories Join me live as we're playing Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony! <3

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2022.01.24 17:33 Iloverunescap3 Should you sell when your money is doubled so you can buy back on the next dip or should you hold for years, cashing out once?

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2022.01.24 17:33 Seaworthiness_Busy Insurance switch means med switch, means I'm completely miserable.

An insurance change at the beginning of the year made my Latuda cost $1200 so I had to stop it cold turkey and then went into a big depression for the past couple of weeks. I was also taking Lamictal but today my psychiatrist said that if I'm depressed the Lamictal wasn't working so let's discontinue that too.
Now I'm starting Depakote, which I hate because of blood work and worrying about my liver. And it's gonna take however long for it to hit my broken system so we can see if it even works.
I hate switching meds. It took me 3 months to get semi stable and now I'm barely getting out of bed again and all that time and money was for nothing because I can't afford the med that was working. Like is it even worth it?
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2022.01.24 17:33 hilmiira Qu vs star wars galactic empire fight makes no sense

One of the most important point is:star wars is soft scifi
Like yes, their technology is advanced not because it is advanced, just so creator of star wars wanted, so for equalize stuff we also give all tomorrows the soft scifi stuff, they are literally becomed gods in a universe with our physic rules, you think they couldnt invent light speed and space magic if they can?
Empire in star wars is just nazi empire, but in space and fancy weapons makes no sense
Qu in the other hand… a power that strong think it is his right to build the entire universe alone…
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2022.01.24 17:33 Any-Succotash-7903 LaMelo Ball panini mosaic rookie card. Fun card to pull.

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2022.01.24 17:33 ReauxChambeaux Working on 2024. It’ll stage here (and other places on the property) until I burn through this years wood that occupies half the shed. This summer it will go to the shed to season for another 18 months.

Working on 2024. It’ll stage here (and other places on the property) until I burn through this years wood that occupies half the shed. This summer it will go to the shed to season for another 18 months. submitted by ReauxChambeaux to firewood [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 17:33 IrishHog09 New Offer, how to tell current employer/boss when not in office?

So, my head is still spinning somewhat, but I received a really large offer for a new job this morning. Major everything better than my current job, and am likely to take it because even past the money, the longterm career path this could take me on is huge. I told them I would tell them yes or no on Wednesday.

So the slight problem. I want to tell my boss in person (ideally), but he may not be available today (not blowing me off, he's the company president and legitimately super busy). Is it rude to give him the news over the phone and discuss more in person tomorrow? I mostly want to give him the opportunity to think it over before I dump on him that I'm leaving (not looking for a counter or bidding war), and want to make sure I do this the right way and not burn any bridges. I feel like if I tell him tomorrow, then he'll feel like I didn't give him any time to consider and try and keep me (hence where I'm afraid of burning said bridge).

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2022.01.24 17:33 shiftingCentrist-SSI I have a few questions about shifting

Hi, I've just been trying to shift to Hogwarts and I haven't yet. I have been trying to shift for about an hour now and I've been wondering about it for some time. I am still struggling with shifting and I've been trying to shift to Hogwarts and I'm wondering if I can answer them. I've just heard some people say you can shift to Hogwarts (or any Hogwarts universe) or you can script that you are there. Thanks. If I answer the questions I will get a response. I have the intention to get a response. I was trying to shift last night when I was at the Hogwarts MCU, which is probably what I was trying to do for the first time. I was trying to shift to Hogwarts, it was a dream, I was there and I was there. I heard some people say you can script that you are there but I can't remember them or believe in them. I guess you can script that you are there and then you can script that you are there. I haven't heard any people say you can script that you are there but I guess you can script that you are there and then you can script that you are there. I don't know if anyone has any tips on it but I would love to hear some advice or advice. It's not possible to shift to a Hogwarts world, you can script that you are there, you can script that you are there, and if you like, you can script that you are there. I haven't gotten any answers, but I just hope you will do so. If you have any tips on how to script for that, please let me know. Thanks!
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2022.01.24 17:33 falconupkid Dangerous vulnerability discovered in Dark Souls III videogame

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2022.01.24 17:33 Ruxalexe Un dibujo que hice hace meses

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2022.01.24 17:33 ShiroHiramaru Hi everyone hope I can post here my timelaps drawing of Raiden Shogun from a game Genshin Impact hope you like it :)

Hi everyone hope I can post here my timelaps drawing of Raiden Shogun from a game Genshin Impact hope you like it :) submitted by ShiroHiramaru to GetMoreViewsYT [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 17:33 carverkids Now that I’m semi settled in to new spot thought I’d start doing a boot pic a week.. These are Dark Green Alligator Belly Larry Mahan 🎈

Now that I’m semi settled in to new spot thought I’d start doing a boot pic a week.. These are Dark Green Alligator Belly Larry Mahan 🎈 submitted by carverkids to cowboyboots [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 17:33 PremiumForAll ⭐️ IzzyBunnies ( Waifumia Waifu Mia )

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2022.01.24 17:33 Pvt_pain99 Help, Dorian has an ability point it tells me and everything but I can't using it on anything why is this happening?

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2022.01.24 17:33 NewsElfForEnterprise S&P 500 plunges 3% into correction territory ahead of key Fed meeting and tech earnings

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2022.01.24 17:33 rawrnes Can't believe my housemate

I'm 29w+3 right now, due in April, and looking forward to meeting my daughter. My housemate, who is my husband's best friend, decided that he wants to take a trip to New York and Kentucky (we live in California) in late March to meet up with a bunch of girls (since he recently got out of a long term relationship a few months ago). I'm just so livid because he knows that the baby is going to be born around that time and we're still in a pandemic. Luckily my household hasn't gotten COVID-19 yet and I've sacrificed a lot of time with my friends to make sure that I can be safe, but I feel like my housemate does not care and he's going to jeopardize everyone's health by insisting to go and not postponing his trip. Sure he reluctantly agreed to quarantine after he comes back, but I wish he would postpone his trip instead! Ugh.
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