Anything on her

2021.12.06 09:06 BigojBaker Anything on her

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2021.12.06 09:06 Julikes7 Ruined Kng a League of Legends Story - Collector's Edition not shipped yet

I ordered the Collector's Edition immediately after finding it online. I bought it on the 17th November. After a few minutes I got the confirmation of my order and the steam key, but I haven't received any information about my order until now.
Does anyone have the same problem? I mean they could atleast inform me, that they don't have enough units to ship all CE immediately, but there is nothing. Just silence.
I just want my Collector's Edition...
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2021.12.06 09:06 xomian How is this even possible?

I gave like 4-5 full syllabus(2021 papers) tests in the last 3-4 weeks and i ended up scoring 180-185 in all of it. No matter how hard or easy the paper was, i always ended up in this tiny range. I dont even know how. Im a dropper and even last year I used to score around the 180 mark in all mock tests as well as the actual exam. Im not even kidding and I literally have no idea. I feel like nta has assigned me this marks for every damn exam.
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2021.12.06 09:06 redrabbit1984 Do barmen/barwomen find it annoying when people order Guinness?

I was out a few nights ago at a Christmas party. I rarely drink Guinness but did that night and it occurred to me how much longer it took, due to him having to pour the drink and then let it settle.
Do bar staff find it a ballache, particularly when someone orders 4 pints of it or something?
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2021.12.06 09:06 mal221 Thotbot

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2021.12.06 09:06 nenasmint "Salvation" - by me

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2021.12.06 09:06 Prudent-Foot5609 Any Australian servers I need a server

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2021.12.06 09:06 alandtic should i make this random item speical

so in my game i made a merchant who had a run down cart and sold a bunch of junk including a brocken sword. one player assumed it must be magic and he brought it and started using it randomly hoping to make it do something. i don't want him to feel like he wasted his time on a Brocken sword that does nothing but not sure if i should just make it magic. any ideas if i should make it magic and if so what. (thinking of maybe making it a sword that only works for the owner so it will be a quest for him to unlock it power by killing it's old owner or something)
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2021.12.06 09:06 neverforgettherain What names do Poles associate with the lower classes?

I'm from Australia, and here there are names that people associate with those of the lower classes (poor, uneducated people), e.g. Cheryl, Kylie, Wayne, Darren.
Are there names like that in Poland too?
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2021.12.06 09:06 Whitehallers1 Get the hell outta there

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2021.12.06 09:06 Aubrey_Delgado88 Overwatch Razya

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2021.12.06 09:06 Subject_Ad_7254 Do V-Bucks ever go on sale?

I know that there is a permanent 20% off. But does Epic ever give any time-limited discounts on v-bucks? And if so, is it likely that we have a discount in december of this year?
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2021.12.06 09:06 PeterTheSilent1 Trying to fill last five spots on tribe

We got to 1187 last week, and that was without a tweedle, potbelly, quibble, spunge, and congle. Those are the monsters I am looking for.
Friend code: 38519408HC
Tribe name: Amazingness
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2021.12.06 09:06 mrSceneo An unusual chuckbox

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2021.12.06 09:06 Aubrey_Delgado88 Overwatch Razya

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2021.12.06 09:06 trikz288 What would we do with this hot little slut?

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2021.12.06 09:06 New_Cap5194 Ain't we all on some dumb bitch juice

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2021.12.06 09:06 CurlyCian Apes after the MOASS

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2021.12.06 09:06 Dogecointo1dollar life way

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2021.12.06 09:06 magnifizio On large single orders with cross theme sets like this, I always try to guess the age of the customer. The street fighter console tells me this is a 90s kid just like me. What do you think?

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2021.12.06 09:06 Automaticusrnamesuck Hold up, Eat balls?

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2021.12.06 09:06 goji42 Daily Lucy 463

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2021.12.06 09:06 Quiet-Mycologist-816 Schickt mir eure freundin und ich wichse sie voll (cumtribute) DM!!!!

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2021.12.06 09:06 koko_amo [PS4]H: traveling leather coat W:tattered field jacket,leather coat,camo jump suit 1:1

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2021.12.06 09:06 cheese-of-Redwall Seeking advice to convert potential new D&D-ers

A very good day to all of you!
Newbie playeDM here.
I recently moved to a new place with quite a few roommates, and several of them would like to give TTRPGs a try.
Any recommendations on what to DM for them to give everybody a good first experience?
I've consumed a lot of D&D content in the last decade, but only managed to play a few times, and DM-ed once. (So I'd love to have people to play with regularly...)

The table would consist of at least three absolute beginners who've never even seen or listened to anything D&D related, one seasoned veteran (who's been playing for years), and one slightly reluctant player who'll be at the table because he loves me (my bf.).
3 of these people are ADHD, and I'm also on the spectrum, which will make this freaking hilarious. But also, it would probably have to be a short-ish one-shot.
I'm only familiar with 5e rules, and I believe most of the table would like a glimpse of traditional gameplay, but I want to make it fun. I'm open to Christmas-themed suggestions!
Also, I'm currently unemployed and need a project so as to not lose my mind. So I'm more than ready to put work into this!
Thank you so much in advance and I wish you all all the best. :)
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