k5ksz tran8 5bh3a f5fr7 hr3t8 f4z74 dhtr3 d9edk b8ri2 rsr27 k7kar hhe7e 89nrr btrf2 4iyfy fzb2i 99fia zyi4s r3r6d 772id ibr7h Cum ai investi alocatia copilului pe urmatorii 18 ani? |

Cum ai investi alocatia copilului pe urmatorii 18 ani?

2021.12.06 09:00 Minimum-Web-Dev Cum ai investi alocatia copilului pe urmatorii 18 ani?

Salut! Ma gasesc in pozitia de a ma gandi cum sa investesc alocatia copilului in urmatorii 18 ani. Concret, in momentul asta alocatia o primeste intr-un cont de economii cu dobanda 3% pe an (deci nu e o solutie pe termen lung).
Ca atare ma gandesc ca varianta mai buna este investirea intr-un ETF/index fund global pe masura ce primeste alocatia (chiar daca nu e return mare anual, cu siguranta e mai mare de 3%). Problema este ca un cont la un broker nu poate fi pe numele copilului si la 18 ani va trebui lichidat contul sau transferat catre contul copilului devenit major.
Voi care varianta credeti ca e mai buna pentru copil si alocatia sa dupa 18 ani de investitie?
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2021.12.06 09:00 xzyHate PREDATOR TOKEN 🐺

PREDATOR. #WE_ARE_ALPHAS ✅ Huge Reflection with different Assets ✅ NFT's about to come ✅ Already Doxxed & KYC & Audit 🔥 Whitelist already started
https://predatortoken.eu https://t.me/Predator_main
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2021.12.06 09:00 West-Text6249 Classic match with my rival keenan

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2021.12.06 09:00 sazzledrip1425 What kind of shoes does metal bat from One Punch Man wear?

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2021.12.06 09:00 Vast_Neighborhood_33 Book of riddles recommendations?

Am having a hard time finding a good book to get someone for Christmas. Recommendations?
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2021.12.06 09:00 Niftyhontas Sipher RPG Readies for Hugely Anticipated Public Token Sale

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2021.12.06 09:00 Chikkman Heard you guys like Organization, here’s a few drawers in my toolbox! (Left open areas for expansion)

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2021.12.06 09:00 Strelochka How was the Beatles' rooftop concert perceived by the Londoners back in 1969? Did it even sound okay? Were there complaints and grumbles in the papers later?

It's obviously embedded in the mythos of the band, 'iconic' etc, but I've heard a few performances from a city block away and it doesn't sound good at all. The stone and concrete of the streets give the sound a terrible quality. We got the vox pop of the people who were on the street right next to it, and the office workers from the neighboring buildings seemed happy to have gotten front row tickets to a free Beatles concert, but how far was it heard and could you make the songs out at all? What was the prevailing reaction at the time? The recordings we have are from dedicated equipment, are there recordings of what it sounded like on street level, or a block away? The policeman said you could hear it down at the police station, was it far?
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2021.12.06 09:00 weebjail Netflix Cowboy Bebop was written by weeaboos who don't understand it

Discussing not so much how it's bad, but why it ended up the way it did.
An in-depth analysis of the characters and themes of Cowboy Bebop, and how Netflix threw 100% of that out the window in making this.
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2021.12.06 09:00 pedrinho_gameplays13 kk gasosa

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2021.12.06 09:00 whodtfdatboy How can I become a good slasher?

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2021.12.06 09:00 RG-Maker 🎁 GIVEAWAY 100 NFTs 🎁 Just UPVOTE and FOLLOW on TWITTER 🎁 Link in COMMENT

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2021.12.06 09:00 LOLOLOLOKAKAKA Hard Truth

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2021.12.06 09:00 rat2000 Version 0.51.0 released

Ticket Box 0.51.0 was released
What is new: - Performance improvements - Added option for users to select the image quality for posters.(useful if the app is not smooth enough) - Dashboard page can now show episode ratings(can be disabled in settings) - Clicking on a poster now correctly navigates the user to the show/movie/episode that he taped on - Episode and season details page now has a "quick link" where the user can tap to see the show's details - Various other UI improvements(small ones but should make the app a bit more polished) - Complete redesign under the hood that should make maintaining the app a bit more easy - removed user stats(not permanently, will be added back at some point)
This is a very big release with a complete redesign under the hood. So there might be some bugs... Do report if you notice some strange behavior.
The release should appear soon in the Google Play store.
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2021.12.06 09:00 Goofyjeff4 Moderate troling

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2021.12.06 09:00 RedditReadsBot Around the world in 80 days by Jules Verne [Classics](1872)

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2021.12.06 09:00 Online_VPN Use Symlex VPN to Keep your Data Private.

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2021.12.06 09:00 medical_news_mod Texas Toughens Ban on Medication-by-Mail Abortions With Jail Time and Hefty Fine

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2021.12.06 09:00 misana123 Congressional Democrats Sound Antitrust Alarm With Justice Department Over Discovery-WarnerMedia Merger

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2021.12.06 09:00 walters89 Modern cosmic horror?

I recently read Robert Brockway's Carrier Wave and it is one of my new absolute favourites. Compelling vignettes of post-apocalyptic horror and the 'big bad' is truly Other in a way that reminds me of Lovecraft.
Any suggestions for something else to scratch the itch?
I tried Brockway's Vicious Circuit series, which was good in its own way but very different. I thought i might enjoy World War Z for similarly telling a larger story through different characters but it felt so impersonal i gave up half way through.
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2021.12.06 09:00 Onomatopoman Accursed Geese

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2021.12.06 09:00 BabylonianKnight Sign the petition please

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2021.12.06 09:00 GormansGoogleWhack Premtoken | Low Cap Gem | Locked Liquidity for 1 Year | Fantasy Football Gameweek 16 starting this weekend!

What is Premtoken? Created by lovers of football & crypto, for lovers of football and crypto, Premtoken is a deflationary BEP-20 token based on the world's most popular sport, football (soccer).
Every Gameweek (eligible holders are randomly assigned a 5-a-side team made up of real Premier League footballers. The top 3 performing teams based on our fantasy football points system, win Premtokens! The beautiful game just got even more beautiful.
Holders’ teams win points based on how the footballers in their 5-aside-team perform in real matches! The top 3 point scoring teams win Premtokens and other prizes so your weekend of football just got even more exciting with 5 players to watch!
✅ Telegram: https://t.me/premtoken_bsc
✅ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PremToken_BSC
✅ Website: https://www.premtoken.com/
Contract Address: 0x04647f707273b6dbeba224abd18d82a7eb5c231a
Why we love this idea:
The community will be centred around a love of football and crypto.
It's tethered to a roadmap grounded in real events in the real football world. We hope that rather than seeing the usual 'wen moon' comments, although they are funny, it will be 'wen Ronaldo hattrick', 'wen Salah score' or 'wen KDB assist'.
✅Max Supply: 1 Quadrillion
✅100% locked liquidity for 1 year
✅ Max wallet: 5%
✅ Max tx: 2%
✅ Transaction Tax - 9%
✅ 4% back to holders
✅ 4% goes to liquidity
✅ 1% to the marketing wallet
Join our telegram group to learn more about how it works!
✅ Telegram: https://t.me/premtoken_bsc
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2021.12.06 09:00 Fit_Box_7798 Release Date

Does anyone know the release date of episode 10 in anime? Thanks...
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2021.12.06 09:00 Unlucky_Tension5531 Conundrum: Asked in another subreddit; perhaps question best suited for here

Hi 👋! I don’t mind giving my name well part of it Andrea. I have been out of work for over a year now. I have seen old friends, ex-colleagues, etc. get jobs again. Except me! Now, I will humbly admit I am on my own no family near by, mum Is in the UK with my brother, some cousins and uncles. She has duel citizenship, but born raised in UK until a teen came to the US, left a few yrs ago since my grandfather (her dad passed). I am here in Dirty Jersey, been my home for awhile, but I was born/raised in NY upstate and Brooklyn. I’m tired of being scared and alone; I went through my savings, 403b & k can’t take loans I can’t pay back. I’m a woman, who has always had guy friends. I had a lot of ex sorority sisters as friends, but only to find out that they liked me around for comic relief (I seriously am funny I will make u laugh even if u r sad and crying). I’m even funnier when I use to go out drink with them because I was a great wing woman. My secret for that was I love to smile genuinely and just talk put ppl at ease. Which then made it much easier to get a man to talk with one of my friends. I’m also a whole lot of smart mouth, quips come easily esp if someone says something ridiculous. Can have fun for hours and make ppl think I’m serious. (Sorry just giving background on me this is going somewhere). Well I don’t have any of those ladies as friends. I guess I might have thought I was fun but I didn’t realize certain things were games like trying to get me drunk because I’m not a big drinker bc my favorite uncle is an alcoholic, my other grandfather became one after retiring from the Air Force, he continued to make parts for Jets but he definitely was in too many wars I guess so he drank a lot. I stopped talking to them just didn’t realize they thought the rare times I would talk about family were hysterical. Anyhoo, I found more truth honesty with mostly guy friends. My mistake sometimes they will befriend to acquire a person. One offers can empty apartment of his to stay in just to tell me he really wanted me to stay in his house, bed instead. He is a nurse known him a long time helped him study encouraged hung out with his gf family so I was really hurt. Our friendship I guess was never real? So I’m on my own again. I need to go back to work ASAP. I had hurt my shoulder badly at my last job, the case is in negotiations to settle (God Willing). However, I’m running out of a cousin of a cousin to stay with them in the US. I guess this long dragged out story is there is another “ex,” ( this one was a real ex not just a friend). We dated for about 2 yrs. He wanted to stay “friends,” lol after I found out he was cheating, had a secret tinder account, is kinda of big in film & producing etc so it was easy to lie say he was leaving for a business trip to film something, write whatever, but was meeting up with other women. It broke my heart bc at the time he was the only one I ever confided in about my family etc. plus, I’m old fashion, I could never be dishonest and cheat, deliberately hurt someone. Fast forward (geeez I’m sorry it’s a book). He has a lot of connections in NY/CT/NJ/LA/Italy u name it who could give me a job. However, he pulled this trick on me before when we had broken up I was given a job at a station only for the VP of HR to write me an email saying they are freezing the position for awhile sorry (yeah that’s why the job post went out for it about 2 weeks later). He is with someone, it’s serious and we are not close at all; I blocked him on everything accept Twitter which is how he found me. I am no longer on there I deleted my account. I hated that he found me at all. He apologized told me he was a horrible person to me missed being my friend. He sent me pics of him and his new gf he loves they live in his apartment upper east side now. My issue is I think he is still dishonest and he holds grudges big time. Do I ask about the job he knows is available? Or is this just a sick ploy to make sure I don’t get a job since he still thinks I should apologize for blocking him? He still doesn’t have my new number he asked and I said it was inappropriate even if his gf knows bc we are not friends. He says he doesn’t want me to suffer since he did ask me when he messaged me if I was still working through this pandemic. Not gonna lie I still think he is kinda Evil, but do I inquire more about the potential job because I need the work? Or is it just to get even again? I’m very good at disappearing esp if someone has badly hurt me. Plus it’s easy too I hate social media, I dont like ppl I don’t like finding me. Help? Advice if u made it through this novel? Should I try to wait for my settlement which should be substantial or do research on this job on my own don’t list him as a reference? Pls help, I don’t have really anyone here? Thoughts? Pls be honest but not rude. I’m a good and self sufficient woman just trying my hardest to get to a stable place. I’m a hard worker too. I don’t want pity or a loan. I’m a fighter I can work 14 hr shifts do what needs to be done. I will only ever want my own bag; just what I believe and how I was raised (still to this day I’m proud of that until I meet the my future partner then it becomes a tag team effort; work hard & build a future together!). Thanks for reading my novel ! Be well! ☺️🙌
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