The one bright side to D/C penalties being gone...

2021.10.21 19:12 gavanwolf The one bright side to D/C penalties being gone...

Is that we don't have to put up with trickster
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2021.10.21 19:12 da_squirrel_monkey Reposting because I'm a retard who can't use DRS bot properly. 41 shares to be added to computershare and another xxx incoming

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2021.10.21 19:12 sydyonce Keep licking until I say stop

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2021.10.21 19:12 Moswavy 18+ Preferred newly made social community!, LGBTQ+ friendly, Chill, Non-toxic, upcoming events, seeking out new members to form a tight circle! Consider joining <3

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2021.10.21 19:12 N-I-K-K-O-R Let’s see if all you guys complaining about lack of team play with specialists also care that the game is launching without in game voice comms!

Battlefield is a squad based team play game.
They even added more roles to vehicles to help emphasize team play.
It’s just unacceptable to me that they are launching this game after a delay with no voice comms
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2021.10.21 19:12 Granite-M Defense First, Firestone, October 1941

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2021.10.21 19:12 hollycitrus Can someone explain what the scam here is?

Can someone explain what the scam here is?
I've gotten this instagram messaged from someone and they still message me so I took a screenshot of their original message. Obviously I know this is some kind of scam, but I can't figure how or why or what this man gets out of it??? I tried googling it a bit but wasn't coming up with similar screenshots so I thought I would ask...
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2021.10.21 19:12 thebesiegechronicles WTT: List. LF: Vex, War Trav and Shako. Have Lems, Puls, Ums and Ist. Open to negotiations.

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2021.10.21 19:12 aaronmota Demi Rose link telegram down

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2021.10.21 19:12 wisbadger454 BuT RodGErS oNlY HAS 1 SuPeRbowL

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2021.10.21 19:12 Seraphymz Anyone tried this? Baking it for dinner tonight

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2021.10.21 19:12 2martin4u What photo on the internet always makes you laugh?

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2021.10.21 19:12 NonLinearDreams Advice for non-traditional applicants?

Hey all. I’m looking for some advice. I’m a junior at a top 10 school in the US. I’m studying Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Neural Engineering. I started school on the other side of the country before accepting a full-time management position with a Fortune 200 company. It’s a long story, but basically none of my prior classes would transfer so I basically started over and continued working while going to school full time. A few months ago, I did some real thinking about what I wanted to do with my life and I came to the conclusion that I want (need) to be a doctor. This is the first time in my life that anything has felt this right and once I decide I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it. I want to join an MD/PHD program and work on improving technology/medicine/treatments for paralysis, memory loss, prosthetics, brain injuries/damage, and/or psychiatric illness. With a background in Neural Engineering, I think this is appropriate. It’s a long way out, but eventually I’d like to become a neurologist and join a research hospital/clinic so that I could practice while working to improve the lives of future patients through improved innovations/treatment options.
I have a lot of work experience along with research and volunteer work, but none of it is related to the medical field. I’m looking to get involved with volunteering at a local hospital and doing neural engineering research, but while going to school full time and working full time, my time is already limited. (I do plan to quit my job soon though, so that should free up some time). The larger problem I have is that my GPA is not stellar. It’s currently slightly above a 3.0. There’s been a strong upward trend, but prior to getting a full-time job, my grades were terrible. I’m 24 now and have my head screwed on much better than when I was 17, but my initial college years definitely hurt me. I also haven’t taken the MCAT yet and I’m supposed to graduate in December 2022.
Does anyone have any advice? I want this more than I’ve wanted anything, but I know right now my chances of getting into Med school are slim to none. I want to do research so I really don’t want to go the DO route nor do I want to go Caribbean. If I did a year of research and volunteering would that be enough? Should I plan on doing a masters and then apply?
Any and all advice would be appreciated.
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2021.10.21 19:12 10voltsam Should dread get DLC/Content Updates?

So I just beat Dread and OHMYGODILOVEDITSOMUCH-anyways, that got me thinking, most of Nintendo’s games on switch had some form of additional content. Smash obviously has a lot of dlc, BOTW had a couple of dlc, and the constant updates for their multiplayer games like Splatoon 2. Could dread get DLC if so what should it be, some additional story, another difficulty, what do you guys think?
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2021.10.21 19:12 ubspider 1qb, .5 ppr, 10 man league

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2021.10.21 19:12 DarkShade602 Ayton

So I was talking with my brother's wife and told her all about the problems that the sun's had last week trying to get Ayton the max amount of money he wanted
As a fan she's extremely hard on him and that that he should walk and "find a training camp and just stay there"
I told her also what happened at the dinner meeting with Sarver and she clapped "he doesn't deserve it..
Her hatred for a ayton got hotter as he was dealing with and having trouble with Giannis.. she watched those games..
Why do you think some suns fans give Ayton credit while some say he shouldn't have it given to him based on his size
we all saw one of the finals games where it was just clearly him vs Giannis and he punked him all the way to the basket
We all saw the clip of him getting sat down by Monty and being fathered before the time out ended
"You are upset because you set standard for yourself and you did not meet that standard.. you know what you do go out and find a man if it's not Giannis find someone"
I see what she saying there are th times where he's clearly lost and needs Crowder Booker and Paul to give him Direction in the middle of the hot seat..
Other times he fucks up royally and fixes it better than when he f**** up -her when she witnessed the alley-oop dunk
so what gives.. what my bros wife sees is that what sarver saw when he decided not to give Ayton the maximum?
When I was in high school we were eating lunch and I kicked it with Varsity football cats and a dude on their team got his ass whooped because of a set of plays that cost them the game that week
if Ayton fucks up when he does how come no one gives him tough love and shakes him down.. verbally
"Ayton.. my guy.. man the f up stop that shit .. u a big man.. we need u .. stop depending on me like a puppy I do my work and you do yours if I see you need help I got you but don't look for me because you don't know what you're doing"
I surmise that some of the team thought this way during the finals
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2021.10.21 19:12 0DryNy0 Habe soeben K-Pop Steve in Lego City Undercover gefunden...

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2021.10.21 19:12 DJ1_23 Make an assumption about me

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2021.10.21 19:12 Pearltherebel What is this spider? It’s very tiny.

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2021.10.21 19:12 outtoexist I had my very first nonverbal day today (I think)

Hi all! I've been in serious spoon debt or burnout (I'm not really sure, but I've been feeling awful and constantly exhausted), and yesterday I had to have a conversation with a hairstylist and it was SO DRAINING. Like, I had to take a nap in my car afterwards because I couldn't drive. Then this morning I had a tiny little conversation with my partner and realized it felt exactly the same, the same bone weariness and feeling like my limbs were lead. So I thought. . . maybe not talking would help. And I've not talked to anyone all day (I've texted my partner, so I'm still communicating, but not talking), and it has been SO HELPFUL. I was actually able to do my school work this afternoon, and I feel like I can stand & move without draining exhaustion. I never felt like I actually couldn't speak, I could make myself, but it felt more like a choice to not talk in order to conserve my spoons. Does this still count as nonverbal? Regardless it has been super helpful today!
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2021.10.21 19:12 Different_Dig6903 Comfort eating

Any help please guys? Recently just went to university (college for the Americans) and feel alone and can’t go to lectures because Scotland are strict with COVID-19 laws. Kind of struggling to make friends there and the reason is is because about 90% of the people I want to be friends with are girls (I’ve always been someone for some reason who’d rather have female friends than be in a relationship). However, my parents disapprove of me having opposite sex friends. Due to this I don’t have any friends at uni and so to get a happiness boost I eat rubbish and fast food constantly. When I started uni I was a 5’7 135lbs man with a 36 inch chest. I’m scared that I’ll end up wearing a size 44” suit to the graduation the way I’m going. I’ve already came close to bursting a pair of size 29 jeans. Without fast food or the food I love (which is always unhealthy) I feel down and often have to go out to KFC when I feel rubbish.
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2021.10.21 19:12 island-gardener Pumpkins Stolen from Stratford Community Gardens

As the title says, the pumpkins from our plot were stolen. My child who grew those pumpkins their self is devastated. There is a sign at the entrance saying "if you didn't plant it, don't pick it". I guess this low life thought that someones garden was a better place to steal from than from the large displays at grocery stores. Now my kid doesn't get to enjoy carving the pumpkins that they worked hard growing since late spring. The Coordinators have been let know. I don't expect anything to come of it. I just wanted to let anyone else that has a plot there to keep a watchful eye on your plot.
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2021.10.21 19:12 Familiar_Big3322 WTAF

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2021.10.21 19:12 a_cycle_addict Freshly sharpened, oiled and ready for the weekend

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2021.10.21 19:12 ena9219 NanaHazu 9

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