What's in your head?

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2021.10.21 18:02 telluriann What's in your head?

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2021.10.21 18:02 After_Progress5964 Empires it’s a good sires but it’s lacking the og smp members like jack etc and I think that the smp has gone to the lore side to muck I love the sires but at this point I’m time it’s a 7/10 please no hate just my opinion

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2021.10.21 18:02 LordSwogsy Toilet block in an abandoned beach resort I went to last year

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2021.10.21 18:02 Middle-Trouble-8822 Girl Farting #2 - Best Girls Fart Compilation.

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2021.10.21 18:02 WaterFriendsIV I hope phrases like this become more mainstream and popular.

I asked a friend of mine if his recent successful accomplishment was difficult. He replied, "It was as easy as an atheist getting a good tee time on a Sunday morning!" I really like this phrase because it reminded me of other ones like, "Easy as falling off a log." It's also cute and clever and even has a bit of a message to it. Atheists have their Sundays free to pursuit leisure instead of being stuck in church.
I think it could also be recorded and used similar to, "Does a bear shit in the woods?" to indicate something that is certain. "Did you have a fun time at the fair?" "Can an atheist get a good tee time on a Sunday morning?"
I hope this and others like it catch on!
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2021.10.21 18:02 currychipsfriedrice True or false: Straight men fetishize trans women for their penises & the porn & they use ladyboy sexual tourism. Also straight men do not commonly give oral sex. And penises, boobs & butts are appreciated more than vaginas. How true or false are each of these? TRUTHFULLY PLEASE.

Also that gay men are far more openly disgusted by and insulting towards vaginas than lesbians are towards penises.
And that vaginas are seen as gross and taboo.
I mean how common are these believed, how many people would agree and how true or false are they. Each of them.
I mean worldwide and in general in society too.
It's stuff I have read or been told or seen online, so I am wondering.
I have no idea since I have little social experience offline, that's why I ask.
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2021.10.21 18:02 ImEliasK Its currently October 21, 2021 at 11:02PMat GMT +2

Its currently October 21, 2021 at 11:02PM at GMT +2
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2021.10.21 18:02 AgentArticuno It's only legal to vote or run for office if you're between the age of 16 and 60

Nothing changes for children under 16. The elderly lose the right to vote and run for office.
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2021.10.21 18:02 potdom Ez vajon nálunk kb. az összes nyugdíjast fedi le?

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2021.10.21 18:02 thispickleisntgreen Solar panels make money in rural America. They don’t always make friends.

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2021.10.21 18:02 Manada_2 Fila para comprar jatinho e helicóptero é de até 15 meses; usados sobem 20%

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2021.10.21 18:02 Backroomslover CHECK THE COMMENTS

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2021.10.21 18:02 joey57013 AlfaGames Token ($AFG) is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with a special self-driven cell-division mechanism.

AlfaGames Token ($AFG) is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with a special self-driven cell-division mechanism.
While holders are rewarded with reflections from each transaction we also automatically reward community members that help to build the coin.

The first BSC token of its kind. Every $AFG holder can invite people to join the coin.
When you send a small amount of $AFG to someone, you are their inviter and will be rewarded as they join and invest in the token.
This directly rewards the community members that actively help us grow $AFG !

This is an international project with a core Chinese development team working alongside
a UK based crypto team that are helping to build the English-language community, marketing,
and competitions. We truly believe this coin could be the next big thing. We are unique,
focused on rewarding our active community, have international reach, and most importantly  .
Seriously tho – we have huge plans for this coin. We are currently promoting with adverts live on PooCoin and …..!

This coin is perfect for TwitteReddit competitions – so if you like Airdrops this coin is going to go crazy in the near future!

TOKENOMICS: A 10% Tax is charged on each transaction: 4% added to LOCKED LP 2% reflections of each transaction go to holders

Now let's get . $AFG holders are rewarded automatically when they help to bring others to join.
By sharing just 10k $AFG to addresses which have not been invited yet, you will be their inviter.
As thanks for bringing them to our community you'll be rewarded 2.4% distributed to inviter 1.6% distributed
to inviter's inviter Instant rewards building AlfaGames


💬 Telegram: https://t.me/AlfaGamesToken

🌐 Website: coming Soon

🥞 PancakeSwap (V2):

📈 Chart (Bogged): https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0xf0933708e99E8e255D243414bF0A15f939352f1C
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2021.10.21 18:02 wolfsora2022 did a thing here.

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2021.10.21 18:02 CarbonEmitter New Rufus album dropped and inspired a new top speed!

New Rufus album dropped and inspired a new top speed!
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2021.10.21 18:02 ZJA24 Dynasty, SF, ppr

View Poll
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2021.10.21 18:02 ecto13 GME Price History Update - 10/21/2021

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2021.10.21 18:02 ilovetecas Sometimes this guy just needs to shut up

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2021.10.21 18:02 yawningvoid28 What is the most humane movie yet filmed?

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2021.10.21 18:02 crowlich My brother Gannon and a mutual friend of ours, Arielle, a Streamer, are raising funds for commissioning a Live2D model! Links and more info in the comments (Posted with permission from both Gannon and Arielle)

My brother Gannon and a mutual friend of ours, Arielle, a Streamer, are raising funds for commissioning a Live2D model! Links and more info in the comments (Posted with permission from both Gannon and Arielle) submitted by crowlich to Live2D [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 18:02 peacharooroo What snapped with SNAP?

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2021.10.21 18:02 OkPopoki Anyone go through ocs after transitioning?

Hey all, I'm debating trying to become an officer once I graduate college. I wanted to enlist before starting college, but then the ban happened so I decided to go to college instead, but I'm still wanting to serve, and was wondering if anyone here has gone through any of the officer training schools in any branch after already being out/transitioning? If so, I'd like to hear any stories about your experiences and to see if it's even a possibility for me.
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2021.10.21 18:02 Emotion_That Bodyboard size

Anyone find it hard to get a good high performance bodyboard for a small person ( i'm 5'5 / 60kg) riding an nmd 39 parabolic pp
as I bounce between the uk and indo as majorty of shops stock 40.5 - 43. which leads me to getting custom board which is good dont get me wrong, just the price factor is a lot more.
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2021.10.21 18:02 Aintnocallabackgirl TOG Hangover

Finished KOA last night and I’m not okay. My heart is so broken that it’s over! Any fan fictions or recommendations to help make the series last a bit longer?
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2021.10.21 18:02 Excellent_Window_199 Interested?

Met a girl at my retail job about a year ago. Started talking to her and she started joining me on my breaks at work just about everyday we worked together. She immediately caught my interest as in my experience girls who are not interested do not go out of their way to talk to me or take breaks with me
Over the next 6 months i started to get to know her better in time we spent talking on our breaks. These talks would usually end up going 5-15 minutes over our scheduled break time once we got to know each other better.
She started asking me more personal questions about my life, interests, and school. Alot more personal questions than ive ever had with any other co workers. She would ask about my family and follow up on the things I told her.
She also told me that she hadn’t really dated anyone in years and never even kissed anyone.
She then said she was single on valentines day and asked if i gad any plans. Then proceeded to randomly tell me that a few coworkers hit on her but she wasn’t interested. I changed the topic as i felt kinda weird because it felt like she was kinda shy and hitting on me
After about 6 months i finally got up the nerve to ask for her number. She gave it to me with no hesitation. Texted her the next day and we texted back and forth about 6 times until i got distracted and didn’t get back to her until the next day. Texted her the next day and had to go to bed early and left the convo.
The next day I texted her but got no response… thought i was ghosted but then texted her a day or two after and she texted back I then asked her if she wanted to go out on a date to which she said she didn’t think she could because she had a brother with health issues and may me vulnerable to the pandemic. I thought this was her way of rejecting me.
I told her i understood and I wouldn’t talk to her anymore. I understand how awkward it can be to be asked out and I didn’t want her to be un comfterbal. She said I didn’t need to do that as she really enjoyed our relationship. She told me to treat her the same and said a few other things that confirmed she understood I asked her out.
Didn’t talk to her or hear from her until I saw her at work next. I tried to avoid her but that was impossible once she sat down with my on my break. We talked for an hour and the topic of that never came up. I didn’t know where I stood or how she felt about the whole thing. I decided i just needed to get over her
I texted her a few days later and asked her if it was ok if she could not talk to me at work because I needed to get over my feelings for her. I also told her I thought she was a cool person and was my friend, but I just needed some time but id like to remain friends.
She told me that she was into someone else and I tried to convince her to shoot her shot because i thought we were just friends at this point. She agreed to being friends and I thought everything was fine until the next time i saw her she seemed very upset.
It was not my intention to hurt her in any way, i just didn’t want her to feel uncomfterbal or anything like that. I texted her that afternoon and said it was ok if she wanted to talk to me at work again but i got no response
She seems to be aware and knows when people are hitting on her. She seemed used to it so idk why she wouldn’t just tell me she wasn’t interested.
I went up and tried to apologize to her the next time i saw her but she wouldn’t even face me and said she just wanted to be vague.
The reason I asked for space is because I didn’t know if I was rejected or not. I felt weird about the situation and didn’t know how to treat her. She said treat her the same, but i thought i had been flirting with her. I just wanted a yes or no. No big deal if it was a no… its just the not knowing. To add to my confusion, i thought she was telling me she wasn’t interested but only stopped talking to me after i called her my friend.
Tl;dr: met this girl a while ago. Thought she was interested but she wasn’t... now its messing me up in future interactions because now i dont know whats just being friendly and whats interest. I dony want to put anyone in an uncomfterbal spot.
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