How does FIFA22 select which position you play?

2021.10.21 17:12 ShibaMasterHodler How does FIFA22 select which position you play?

I’m an 87 rated ST and I get put in LW almost all the time in Drop In matches. It’s quite annoying but I don’t know how to go about it. Does anyone know how the game selects which player plays what position?
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2021.10.21 17:12 Jostrage Twitter auction for "ABSENCE: The worried sister", second and last piece of the miniserie ABSENCE. Link in comments!

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2021.10.21 17:12 Cheer_No_Crow I have the power of light and determination on my side! REEEE

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2021.10.21 17:12 darkestpitinmind I just discovered texture painting (the one with mask and stencil)

As I've mentioned above I just came across texture painting using masks and stencils. I saw a couple of videos but I still don't seem to understand it. I really wanna use it because that's what I've been searching for months now. So please tell me how or share links which has easy tutorials
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2021.10.21 17:12 Darth_Daver123 Elokuvien ja pelien verkkokauppa Discshop lopettaa toimintansa - "Kiitos tästä ajasta"

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2021.10.21 17:12 DaAceGamer And it's back up...

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2021.10.21 17:12 olegyef BATL - AC Legends GTR Championship - Wednesdays @ 8 PM Pacific

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2021.10.21 17:12 cantstandmeat_879 You gotta do what you gotta do

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2021.10.21 17:12 hauserd Sir, Saluttt

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2021.10.21 17:12 gofigre 22/M/India looking for penfriends from any imaginary or real location

I'm basically a messed up person, who's trying to get his life together by trying writing letter and journalling. I love to read. I'm a fan of science, general knowledge and technology. Not to brag, but I'm the sort-of guy other people's parents want to associate their children with. I'm a music lover ( 1 D, Taylor, some other unknown bands, AR Rahman, Shankar, Javed Ali). I love to hear about other people's lives. My potential pen friends can message me. Age/GendeNationality no bar. If you're completely against either of my views, no issues, we can still communicate.
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2021.10.21 17:12 VonCaligari (For Hire) Hi everyone, here are some samples of my work. More about, contact me by DM. Thanks for the appreciation. = )

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2021.10.21 17:12 Doctorinvest My Goal Isn’t To Get Rich In 1 Month. I’m HOLDING my shares long term.

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2021.10.21 17:12 FranginBoy [WP] It's been a few decades since the Magic of Blood-Pacts was "discovered and improved", but it you're the first in centuries to actually do the full ritual correctly, in a desperate attempt to revive your pet.

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2021.10.21 17:12 Visual-Client-412 What fictional side character deserves a show/movie on their own life?

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2021.10.21 17:12 praiospoker Pokerstars is pulling an exit scam on me for 123.380€!?!

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2021.10.21 17:12 TakenAccountName37 Voight's Last Words

Say that Voight leaves during season 10 when the show gets to 200 episodes, how would you feel about this goodbye?
Jay: Are you sure that this is it? Are you okay with this?
Voight: I told you ten years ago that this would someday be your unit. It's time now. We had our ups and downs, but you were the closest thing to a son for me since Justin passed {emotions run} {hugs}.
Jay: I love you, man!
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2021.10.21 17:12 Revolution21X A question about crowd density

I was waiting for the patch before asking this to see it it was fixed, but it wasn't at least for me, and it makes me wonder if it is just my ancient computer or if others have noticed this. The graphics settings menu has mismatched descriptors, as the image show for particles it says that it sets the distance at which the environment is visible, which should align with the setting below it. Now that might just be a mismatched text thing that isn't a big deal, but it got me wondering is the setting correct or the descriptor. Which leads me to crowd density, no matter the setting the crowds always look the same size which is probably fine for most rigs, but again me having a very old computer at this point I get a good 10-15 fps drop around decent size crowds even with all the other settings turned down. So is the setting correct when it says density and is it just my computer or are others experiencing this, or does it actually control quality, in which case I wouldn't see the crowds shrink. I got WRC 9 settings dialed in for a smooth 60 and was hopping to do it for this one, but maybe my computer has hit it's limit, but I'm aware of that and am more curious if others have noticed this.
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2021.10.21 17:12 Austen11231923 Who was Whitney Mercilus’ college head coach? Ron Zook, of course

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2021.10.21 17:12 Obei3060 I can't STAND freaking loot crates.

It's the freaking worst predatory, taking advantage of people's addictions that there is.
I mean it's gambling, isn't that not allowed by the EU? (I dum american)
I absolutely refuse to play into that game, I'm just frustrated because I've been playing this game for 2 months now and have noticed that the coolest things are in those darn crates. Today I log on, and on the featured page is the awesomest mount for my dark elf necro and realize, nope, you can't have that. Well unless I want to start gambling, which I dont.
Keep the crates, just put the items available for crowns as well so we know exactly what we're getting into.
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2021.10.21 17:12 LeomaDegnan Top 3 Degen Yield Farming Apps That Can Help Make Big Bags

Yield Farming has been the most talked about topic in the blockchain industry this year. Investors who had enough potential to face risk jumped right on when the trend hit. Yield farming is the popular strategy DeFi users take advantage of to put their cryptocurrencies to work to earn high interest. One thing to always keep in mind is that never invest in a platform not reliable enough, as there is always a chance for a scam. Do you think it’s a good way of making profits or not?
What basically is Degen Farming?
A Degen farm can be any yield farm that has the potential to give its investors more than 100% APY. For a beginner, 100% might seem a lot but there is to be true no actual limit. The profits can go close to 1000% as well. But as I said earlier, the risk also increases as we deal with high-interest rates.
So, here are some of the most reliable and best Degen Farming Apps that you can actually use to get rich:
1. Mirror Finance (MIR)
Mirror Finance has to be there if any such list is being made. Its MAAPL/UST pair on Uniswap can yield an hourly return of 0.47%. Its annual return is somewhat close to 4,200%, which is more than respectable. How long these rates will remain in place is not something to be sure of but it sure is a great platform.
2. One Cash (ONC)
It is said to be the top DeFi yield farm as of today for One Cash through the Boardroom ONS pool. The contract although not audited, but won’t necessarily deter the majority of Degens from trying it anyway. Investors can at present earn 1.09% hourly, or over 9500% yearly that is however said to come down later.
3. SmartCoin
SmartCoin another great yield farming protocol on Avalanche (AVAX) is an innovative platform for users. They have never failed to make the whole user experience a whole lot safer and easy flowing, while also giving away a perpetually cumulative amount of SmartCoin per day to the community in terms of regular benefits.
Have you been using any other Degen Farming app yourself? Do let me know.
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2021.10.21 17:12 _malatesta Apri il conto con il codice invito 3FCF5C, potrete ricevere i primi 40€ di bonus, fino a 240€!

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2021.10.21 17:12 Lon3Wolf_542 I am fricked.

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2021.10.21 17:12 jibnsit Ed: Jib says serves him right

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2021.10.21 17:12 Lvarnen Which of these Ideas would work best for a Halloween Side quest?

Hello all,
So I've been running Curse of Strahd and I've had to take a break from DMing due to midterms being hell, but I'm set to DM on the 29th, the last Friday before Halloween. Now I asked my group if they wanted anything special for Halloween, and they said they wanted a side quest. I figure that this is the perfect time to start setting up the Dark Powers and nightmare logic(which I've already begun alluding to) so here are the options I've thought of:
-Having a scaled up Death House pop up on the road. (They skipped it and looking at travel distances, they may arrive at Krezk, their current destination, after nightfall. They don't have the wine so that could be good bait.)
-Having Morgantha, the last surviving Hag, make a deal with the Dark Powers and conjure up a town made of their pasts and nightmares
-Having the mists whisk them away to a very small domain of dread that is exclusively a haunted house and maybe a small town. (I'm thinking of using House of Lament if I do this one but I'd have to adjust it for 5 level 5s and I've never ran it before.)
-Bringing back the first enemy they ever fought in Barovia, the skeletal rider, and playing up his unusual nature as he hunts them down searching for a way out.
Each of these plays up the Dark Powers to different degrees but I'm wondering what you guys think of each of these. In currently leaning towards Death House since I had done some work trying to scale it up when we first started before deciding to abandon it, but I'm more interested in what would be most effective as a horror tool.
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2021.10.21 17:12 Top_Cardiologist4242 Is now the right time to buy RTTK Son?

After Tottenham lost to Vitesse Son started dropping like crazy, so I wanted to ask - is now the right time to invest in him or is there a chance that he will drop even more?
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