Frontline should be permanent

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2021.10.21 17:13 copeyhagen Frontline should be permanent

Been playing this game since beta, but to be honest I hate it and what it's become, for randoms anyway.
I used to play with my brother sometimes but he stopped years ago.
Haven't played in a clan for years either.
Frontlines is absolutely the Only fun I have in this game now.
If WG made it permanent, I would gladly give them 10euro per month to sub...
Anyone feel the same?
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2021.10.21 17:13 dabeternity how I see American politics as an outsider

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2021.10.21 17:13 I_love_buttts What is this cable used for? Its $78,000

link here
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2021.10.21 17:13 Look-lucky-9 New trailer reveals how Tiny Tina's Wonderlands embraces table-top RPG weirdness - CNET

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2021.10.21 17:13 JBColter Sketch using black and white charcoal on toned paper (its a cow)

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2021.10.21 17:13 WilderM69 Real gamer

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2021.10.21 17:13 raider_xyz Salt update in-engine

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2021.10.21 17:13 fern4forever What's the most creative costume to ring at your door that takes the candy bowl (win)?

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2021.10.21 17:13 avandere MacBook Air A2337 M1 Free Space Partition

I have a friends mac that the main partition was deleted from in terminal using diskutil eraseDisk command, and now there's a free space sandwiched between 2 partitions, and I can't figure out how to fix it for them, it's has no identifier, and doesn't show up in disk utility to just create a new partition, thanks for any help disk utility/terminal
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2021.10.21 17:13 StanTheManInBK OFFICIAL BRONCOS @ BROWNS GAME THREAD: Numbnuts, Go Back To Denver Edition

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2021.10.21 17:13 Anonyma53 If I am born in 1999 am I a millennial? Where is the line between generations ?

I am very confused about the generation descriptions in general, can anyone help clarify a bit ? Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.21 17:13 Ok_Condition_1083 Relationships are hard work 😓

My bf and I recently moved in together and it’s been nothing but arguments. I bought the house which he agreed to split bills and mortgage. Sounds great until 2 of his checks didn’t clear 🙄. He’s going to make it right by getting a cashier check today. I obviously don’t need his money as I can handle my own . However, I am looking at my future and this is not how I pictured it. He says he has plenty of money but he puts most in savings. We had another spiff over that because if you don’t have enough money to cover expenses then you can’t save obviously. I know he isn’t a bum. He comes from a well off family and he has a good job.
Anyways.. besides money, there is even a bigger issue.. SEX! He hardly is in the mood and he blames it on his self esteem and being worried with work etc. He started taking testosterone injections but his libido is still meh 😒. I don’t know if I should give this more time to fix itself. He really is trying but I’m tired of having the same arguments. I love him and his family is great .. it’s just Im afraid of wasting time. He wants to get married but if he asked me now I don’t think I’d say yes. Not that I don’t love him. Just have lots of problems. We’ve been friends forever but only started dating seriously for past 10 months. This should be the honeymoon phase still. Living together was supposed to be amazing. The fairytale lies or I’m in the wrong storybook.
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2021.10.21 17:13 koolaidburgers If #WWECrownJewel is not a show you can get behind but you want wrestling today then we got you covered with a JOSHI SPECIAL EVE STREAM on youtube from 11am EST🇺🇸 4pm🇬🇧 Feat: Hikaru Shida, Utami, Emi Sakura, Riho, Maki Itoh, Lulu Pencil & many more!

I can’t wait to watch this PPV while wearing my Nike track pants I purchased from Walmart while using my Chinese phone
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2021.10.21 17:13 Dependent_Dingo8313 Vorschläge für die Suche

Es wäre doch praktische nach neusten beitragen z.b. durch das Ersteller Datum zu suchen, ohne Titel und oder Stichwort Eingabe zu machen.
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2021.10.21 17:13 HeylelBen Love Crime - Amuse-Bouche version (Siouxsie Sioux & Brian Reitzell)

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2021.10.21 17:13 AuthorOk2363 Tattoos by Larry Lockwood Private Studio Valdosta, Ga

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2021.10.21 17:13 KevWithADot After using Windows 11 for 2 months, I think it's better just to stay on Windows 10 for now.

I have used Windows 11 merely for normal daily use, but I did not expect it to be this bad.
First, let me start by saying that Windows 11 is not stable at all (using Release Preview); it has a lot of RAM crashes, even on a 16 gig ram PC. Second, I hate the new start menu, who needs the "Recommended" section? The old Windows 10 Start Menu was way better. Thirdly; Inconsistent UI. I'm sure that many of you guys have experienced some issues with the UI. (e.g., the old file explorer, white task manager in dark mode etc etc...) Alas, I just want to say that if you are planning to use Windows 11 as your daily driver, reconsider switching to it.
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2021.10.21 17:13 ssstrick90 The most profound experience of my life.

DISCLAIMER: This is merely a report on my experience. I'm not offering advice. I want to put forward my views as a point of reference and to share with others. I initially started writing this as soon as I started coming down and wanted to map out every intricate detail of my trip with words as best I could (knowing that in some instances, words weren't enough). However this has turned into a larger effort that has taken a fair amount of free time. For a bit of context: The trip started on the evening of 20/10/2021. I started writing in the early hours of 21/10/2021. Reading through this I realise it sort of jumps back and forth. I've tried to portray the sense of time over the course of today as I've put this piece of writing together. I hope it makes sense. I also hope this is of use and enjoyment to Reddit.
I am currently in the comedown of my first experience with LSA. I have the urge to type up everything that I can. To try and portray as best I can a trip to... well I'm not really sure where I've just been.
I am an infrequent recreational drug user. I don't pretend to know huge amounts about mind altering substances. About three months a go I started looking at experiences to be had within psychedelic drugs. Previous to this I had had a couple of (both perfectly individual) amazing trips with truffles. I also had experience with amphetamines and weed. I have a massive interest in substances such as DMT & ayahuasca, LSD, salvia. You get the idea.
I came across LSA. I'd read a bit about morning glory before. I couldn't believe that, without talking about sourcing, there was a cheap and easily accessible chemical available to me that could offer the similar experiences of LSD. I started to do my research. Thirty minutes later. Research complete. Buy HBWR seeds.
I don't recommend. Research more. Research research. Understand as much as you can.
I was away from home at the time so it was going to be some time before I could pick this up again. I mark the page and carry on with my day.
Journey Towards My Trip
A few weeks later. I'm home and the seeds have arrived. But I'm not quite ready to delve into this world. I research more. I then put the seeds away at the bottom of my sock drawer and, more or less, forget about them.
Come back to (near) present day. I'm seeing posts about shroom hunting season and also I wish I could just talk instead of type now. This is long.
Anyway. Seeing pictures of all these fresh shrooms piques my interest in LSA again. I get back on the Reddit pages scanning for information and decide that at some point in the near future I am going to sublingually take seeds. Every day I plan to delve in and it isn't quite right so, wanting the setting and mental headspace to be right, I leave it.
Trip Time - The Early Stages
Queue present day. A last minute opportunity arises this evening. It's 19:00. I see it as some sort of sign from the universe (make of that what you will) that now is the time. I want a fairly strong trip. Here's a mistake/change in direction of my trip. I should of taken a 'feeler' dose. You know. Test the water. See how it goes. I didn't. Remembering the 1.5x rule of thumb with sublingual, I grabbed twelve seeds out and popped them straight in. I also added a couple drops of peppermint. I started chomping away a...
Wait. Hold up.
Snap back to the here and now. I need to sleep. I have the sudden realisation that this transcription is going to potentially take longer than first intended. I understand that I am a lot closer to my original state than when I started typing (and I don't know when that was). It's currently 01:57. I wish I could stay up to carry on documenting as I don't expect to recall as much about my trip after I sleep, but I want to follow the feelings presented to me. Goodnight.
08:26 - I'm awake and, unfortunately, have to get up. I had a very deep sleep. Effects of the HBWR are still there. Slight visuals, a feeling of connection with a higher source and just the idea that the chores of life I need to get done today are quite quizzical. I have a bit of a headache that I am linking, in part, to a lack of water intake over the last twelve hours. I really want to dive back into this trip and recollect as much as possible. This will have to wait till a bit later on.
10:59 - All I want to do is write but also I am feeling super connected with everything around me so I'm happy to sit chatting to a mate instead. I can still feel lingering effects. Visuals come and go in my peripherals, almost like flickering, glitching, just a gentle reminder from the LSA - "I am still here." I have the sense of feeling 'lifted'. I'm also still noticing effects of vasoconstriction.
13:22 - Finally sat down and have time to myself to carry on with this report. So here we go.
Back to the trip
Rewind to 19:05 last night. I'm chomping away on these seeds. Cracking them open with my teeth which, if you don't have strong teeth, I would not recommend. The taste isn't great but I can accept it. I very quickly become bored of chewing and, in an impulsive moment, decide to just chuck them all down the hatch. I understand that this is going to intensify my trip quite somewhat. Maybe not the wisest idea. Hey ho. I get on here (Reddit) and check the relative strength of the dosage I've now committed to. "It smells pretty blue in here" This is going to get interesting.
I lay down on my bed. Within ten minutes I start to feel a bit nauseous. Nothing unbearable and I'm very conscious of riding with whatever happens from here on out so I go with it. Maybe another twenty minutes or so pass and I start to notice slight vasoconstriction in my legs. I play guitar for a while but my hand-eye coordination isn't great. I don't really know what to do with myself so I decide to put a bit of music on. Hello ODESZA. I then remember that my first trip with truffles I watched a visuals video so off I go to YouTube. I get something nice up that flows and I feel 'connected' to (the first one was very jumpy and not enjoyable). The colours move and link but at a deeper level than what I was expecting. The shamanic like chanting that accompanies it sends me into a trance state and this is when I first realise that things are happening. I notice beings in the videos that fleetingly appear before melting away again. They seem a bit puzzling but I know they are there and I am here. I was happy, content, euphoric. I would close my eyes and was happy before coming back to the screen for another 'dose' this video was offering me. The nausea was still present and I was barely moving to try and not upset my stomach too much. It's maybe about 20:00/20:15 by now. I decide to move my legs and bingo! There's the nausea. Hitting me like a steam train. The overwhelming sense to get to the toilet and try to release myself of this feeling. I make myself sick. It's a struggle but once I get going it's almost like a purge. I feel instantly better. I decide to walk around for a while and notice the vasoconstriction is really quite pronounced now. It's a very unique and interesting feeling.
Trip Time - The Come Up
I get back to my bed and, with these new and unique feelings to explore; the potential to be at one; with the cosmos; blah blah, I have the urge to binge some Big Bang Theory. So there I am. Coming up with the joys of twenty minute mindless sitcom entertainment. At this point I was feeling very stoned like. I felt great. I was finding Sheldon hilarious (more than usual) and also noticed that my sense of touch had become very heightened. I was loving the feel of my bare feet against my bed sheets. I couldn't keep my legs still for longer than a few seconds at a time. As I'm watching the screen I notice that characters are starting to 'distort'. There's a sense of extra depth. I can still focus on what's going on and enjoy this new dimension of visual sense. As a note: This distortion doesn't happen when I look away from the screen. In fact my surroundings still all look fairly normal.
I'm so content and happy. I watch two episodes like this. I would rewind parts that I enjoyed to watch again and also pause to enjoy the moment. Time starts to feel much more like an unimportant concept as opposed to something we use to govern our everyday lives. I can't seem to yawn. Or swallow. Both are impossible. This obviously means I've never wanted anything more than to do these two things and make it almost my life mission to get it done. I notice now, for the first time, movements of visuals in my peripherals. I place my hand in front of me and see how it flows and bends in front of me. I breath and feel like it could go on forever. I sense prana flowing through me. I start to watch the third episode of Big Bang but cannot keep my focus. It's overwhelming. I get up and, again, the metaphorical steam trains smashes into me. I have that need to 'purge' again. I get to the toilet and - genuinely the only way I can explain it - I feel like demons are leaving my body. This gets messy. Like I have sick on my face and everything. My eyes are streaming. For the first time I start to question if this was a good idea but, once I'm finished and clean myself up, feel insanely good. Like I've levelled up. I don't know what the time is. Maybe around 22:00 by now? Who cares? Who's even asking? Is it me?
All I want to go is get to bed. I feel better than great. I can't explain it. If you've experienced it I guess you can relate. I turn my bedside lamp on and my main light off. Ambience set. I get under the covers. But I'm not getting under my covers. I'm entering a completely different dimension that, as I'm writing in the present time, I can not entirely comprehend. Me and Alice are about to go down the rabbit hole.
Trip Time - The time of feeling is sugar sugar sugar.
Doesn't really make sense? But it doesn't need to. Time is now and passed and forward. It's looping. Continuously.
I close my eyes and who is there? Sheldon Cooper. But he is not really there. It is a presentation of him in an entirely cosmic form. He moves in geometrical ways, pushing and pulsing. Twisting. Circular. Repeating. Right angles. Spirals. I open my eyes. Still in my room. Just checking. I close my eyes and Sheldon is gone but the visuals most certainly are not. They are more 'traditional' now. I can admire the movement. It's deeper and more meaningful then I could ever imagine something to be. I then touch my body with my hands. But my body is not my body anymore. It's more of a vessel? I don't know. It feels off. Nothing correlates. As I touch my face I feel it melt away. All Picasso like.
I think about my family. I feel so much love. So much want to be with them. I think of wrongs people have done to me over the years and they melt away - replaced with the beauty of life.
Time means nothing here.
These visuals are insanely beautiful. Delicate geometrical moments that endlessly link. I touch and feel and can't process my body.
I turn my head to the side and as I do my neck elongates. Twisting and looping. I feel I could turn it over and over. I then test it the other way. Same.
My nails scratch against my bed sheets and I can hear it everywhere. It's so vivid. Every part of the sound is broken down. Layer upon layer that combines to create what is hitting my ears.
I touch my hair and also don't touch it? I can feel it moving around my fingers like grass in a soft breeze on a summers day. My fingers move around it. It feels very very odd.
I look at the book I'm currently reading on the side. What's the point in that? Books can't ever transfer the knowledge and experience I'm moving through right now.
But then a feeling enters. An interloping being that has no need to be here starts to take over. Darkness fills me. I'm aware what is happening. I had one stray thought of doubt, uncertainty, anxiety? I tell myself it is not real. I can get through this phase. To just ride with it. It moves away. Phew. I open my eyes and the room is now glitching. Objects are not solid. They are not keeping to the properties I am used to.
I feel thirsty so take on some water. It genuinely feels like a waterfall is pouring through me. I then remember a clementine I have on the side and that is all I want. Sweet succulent citrus. I'd read a bit about citrus and LSA but wasn't entirely sure (or couldn't understand in my current state of mind) what bit of information it was I was trying to retract from my brain. Is it a brain?
I start peeling and can feel the zest hitting my hands as I break the skin. Over and over. I break a slice off and pop it in my match. I bite down and time comes to almost a standstill. I can feel my teeth breaking into the foods of the earth. Nature. Citrus juices flood my mouth and just as soon as time has stopped it comes full circle back to 'normal'.
I have no idea how long I am in this 'phase'.
Trip time - Remember that dude from Thor: Ragnarok? Surtur. He's here to say hello.
Here it comes. The steam train. Instantly. I'm tied to the track ready to be hit. Luckily it diverts last second down a separate route. But bollocks. I'm also there. None of this happened in my head at the time but this is the best way I can explain it. My vision really starts to break down. I can't comprehend anything. My hand moves over and over in front of me. I get back into bed and lose myself in a tunnel of duvets. I can feel my heart beating. Everywhere.
I check the time. I think it was about 23:30 or so. I honestly can't remember.
Panic is setting in for no reason. Overwhelming anxiety. Beasts and demons move through my visuals. I swear Surtar is hanging about. Not cool. Everything is getting dark pretty quick. I tell myself this is this and this is fine.
But also I'm caught in an infinite loop. What if I never leave? Thoughts go to my family again. Would I see them again? This all seems almost humorous looking back at it but, at the time, I was having serious doubt. What a stupid idea this was. God knows how long this will last. Darkness encapsulates me. My thoughts turn to harm and, genuinely, I wonder if that's the way to go. Could I jump? That would feel pretty free and liberating. I'm not going to see my family again anyway and, if I do come out of the other side of this, I won't be the same. Am I destined for the loony bin?
I couldn't tell you how long this lasted. I was constantly riding with this but also trying to tell myself it was all just a feeling. The goodness was there. I just had to wait for it to come along. I remember my breathing being erratic. My breath was everywhere. I'd open my eyes and lose myself in the void of my room. I thought I could turn the light off and I'd just maybe fall asleep. Hahahaa nope. Get that fucking light back on! Purge time. I can feel it crawling up me. Get it out of me. I manage to negotiate my way to the toilet via four separate universes and out it comes. This anger, darkness, dread, doubt, fear. Flushed away. Poof.
Trip time - Crescendo
Well fuck thank hello please I'm glad that's gone. I feel clearer. I move back to my bed and pull my duvet over me. It travels like a wave. How beautiful. Omnipotent. I close my eyes and hit those sweet sweet visuals again. Deities fill my world. Large, gorgeous, welcome, kind. I see lizards moving over and over. Acolytes to a bigger meaning. I see ominous beings but, unlike before, they know their place. I intertwine with beautiful feelings. It grows. Building around me. All I can see I feel and all I can feel I see. Pyramids. Eyes. All knowing.
I open my eyes. Clarity falls upon me. My room is back. I check my hand. It acts in a way I can understand.
The Comedown
Euphoria flushes through me. I sit back and breath deep, amazing breaths.
I take maybe ten minutes to myself. I check the time. 00:45. I sit for a period of time. I don't know how long.
I have to write this down. To document. To share. I grab my laptop.
Back to present time. It's now 17:00. I've again fallen short of time to carry on with this
Okay I'm back. It's 19.55. Over 24 hours since I popped those little seeds in my mouth. I'm finally back to my home. I feel gratitude for being out of the cold and into a warm area. I've put on some nice chilled music (think Bon Iver, Hollow Coves, Local Natives) and jumped in the shower. It feels great. I still feel this odd sense of being higher? Anyway let us get this finished.
An insert of reflective wise words because I've taken LSA once and you haven't. Or you've taken it multiple times. I still know more than you though.
I joke.
What I've managed to scribe down is maybe but 20% of the feelings and experience. At some point I jumped back and forth to light and dark feelings. I can't really remember this point all that well so have just chosen to leave it out. There really isn't words (or indeed even a language) that can put across how vexing yet clear; ambiguous yet all knowing; confusing yet confirming an experience these little seeds can give you.
I look back now and know I'm lucky. I shouldn't have taken such a high dose for my first time. I should have also thought about having a sitter with me. But I don't know if I needed that. This trip was me breaking through to some place else. I felt my very self strip away. I wasn't me. I was everything. I also wasn't anything.
When people used to ask, I would compare my experiences with psilocybin with smoking a joint. If weed took you to level 10 then truffles took you to level 100. I would now use that same analogy to explain my experience with LSA. My dosage took me to level 1000 (Maybe higher. Maybe lower. Do numbers have any use where I went?)
I remember the visuals with truffles. They were 2D. I remember a feeling that if every world leader tripped together world peace could be achieved in hours. I remember it being a lot about perception.
A friend once tried to explain LSD to me. It went a bit like this:

When you take shrooms you are diving into an ice lake. You break through the surface but that surface doesn't close over. You can leave when you want. With acid you don't leave. You dive in and the surface instantly freezes back over. You're riding it out now. Buckle up.
This was exactly that.
I'm very interested to take a lower dosage. Maybe with friends. To hit that stage of giggles and light euphoria. Gently tripping while watching sitcoms as opposed to riding the Saw rollercoaster on loop (a reference for those in the UK that have been to Thorpe Park).
If I was going to give a bit of advice to anyone considering delving into LSA it would be this: I seriously urge people not to go into it lighthearted. Be sure of what it is you're looking for. Make sure the setting is correct. Make sure your headspace is good. Looking back I can understand how committing to something like a trip with LSA could easily go wrong.
Equally look forward to it. It's something else.
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2021.10.21 17:13 Xanderpantz Looking for Specific Version of Orochimaru Theme From Episode 72

In episode 72 of the first Naruto Series, right after Orochimaru reveals his very young face to the 3rd Hokage, a version of Orochimaru's theme begins to play that I cannot find anywhere else. A segment of music begins to play right as Orochimaru smiles that is different from all the other versions of his theme (sounds like a string instrument being plucked). I have attached a youtube clip at the timestamp where the unique portion of the song begins to play: (starts at 1:02). I've had this specific segment of the song stuck in my head for over a decade now and never found it. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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2021.10.21 17:12 Keeping_Secrets Anyone with AT&T having trouble with cell data?

My cell phone data is not working at all today so wondering if it's my phone or a local cell tower. Can't call or login to my account...
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2021.10.21 17:12 hfxlfc PSA: NB Circuit Breaker extended for another 7 days.

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2021.10.21 17:12 Grace_of_Reckoning The Merciless End: Analytical Estimate of the Fairest Conclusion, Accordingly...

The only appropriate outcome to have followed the final events we see in the last panels of 364 is this;

 Guts became suicidally insane & killed everyone in the group... 
L 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000 L
Casca becomes a transcendent NAM victim & starts crawling around aimlessly, trembling & hyperventilating as Guts, in a horrid fit of animosity & pain, convicts Shierke within his demonic state of mind after she enters his mind in spirit, attempting to quell him. By convicting Shierke within his mind, Guts is able to ABSTAIN from going "full berserk"... but only to the extent of his armor not shrouding him... his mind is gone, but his appearance is still neutral, aside from a visible aura of thick darkness around him (similar to the Jill in the cave scene, "...strain your eyes..." ; endangers Farnese, who then tries to assist Shierke by spiritual communion as well, forcing Serpico & Azan to confront Guts; Manihico & Roderick stand by Farnese, just outside the house, to guard her as she is in spiritual travel...
First Azan, then Serpico... Roderick has a gun but finds that Guts – while in this terrible state of mind – is automatically shielded from the gunfire by the dark aura seething from him (similar to Casca during the escape from the Tower of Conviction). Manihico has a heart attack, after seeing that Roderick's gun had no effect at all. Roderick, after seeing Manihico grunt, wretch, & collapse, scared to literal death, buckles at the knees & falls to his hands with his back facing Farnese, watching Guts – breathing like a demon, streaming tears & with his eyes rolled back, grinning in such a lewd, broken, maniacal way – trudge over to him as Guts drags the Demonslayer behind him. This image of death overwhelms Roderick, he faints & pisses himself...
Guts is then stood before Farnese, who is attempting to free Shierkes spirit from Guts' demonically possessed mind. I imagine this as basically a karmic repetition of The Eclipse, Shierke is "Casca", being horridly defiled in a realm of Hell & Farnese is "Guts", furiously wailing in a hopeless effort to free her beloved companion from the Hellish torments...
Farnese, stood physically in the actual world before Guts as she is in a trance state, is then DECAPITATED. (Think of the rape horse scene... Guts is shown NEARLY decapitating Farnese in order to spare her from being raped to death by the horse... tough to briefly explain to those uninformed, but yeah... we got some karmic repetition, up in HERE... sadly)...
Guts then turns around... A detailed panel of his facial expression pierces the heart unforgivably...
Mutilated by his suffering, in spiritual ruins, made a humiliating mockery of & tricked into affirming on such an unforgivably terrible existence as this... His face is horrifying... Horrifying... Sadness, fear, anger, malice, exhaustion, mania... at 200% capacity.
Guts then looks towards Casca, scampering on all fours, eyes wide with fearful confusion, fixed into a permanent state of total denial, mouth agape, mind thrown into a vacant flurry of dread... Guts approaches her, sadness billows up within him. He screams in agony, feeling lost & betrayed, before knocking her down to be prone on her belly & decapitating her through the nape of the neck, thrusting the tip of the Demonslayer down into the blood soaked soil below...
After this, Guts looks up to the sky... Utterly defeated, weeping with a contorted expression of despair & frustration... Heaves up the Dragonslayer horizontally before his own face, almost as if to take a bite out of it. Eyes rolled back, face expressing unfathomable malice, total insanity, & absolute FAITH...
VICIOUSLY slices & hacks away at the vital area at the base of his neck about 5 or 6 times, nearly giddy with the idea that this might as well have been his optimal choice of action way back during the original eclipse (instead of hacking off his arm just to inevitably affirm on that much more of life's torments).
Guts' head is partially connected with a hideous gash that fountains blood from the horrific wound as he collapses on his back; finally, to rest in death. His coarse expression wanes... The life leaves from his eyes, leaving only a saddened look of tenderness...
Also, to mention; Puck & Ivalera literally just DIE due to fairy properties, or something like that...
Like, Puck just sees & feels that Guts became like that & couldn't take it but also couldn't ignore it... So his little elf heart just withers & crumbles on the spot... Same for Ivalera but her demise is connected to Shierkes suffering.
In conclusion, the only survivors are RODERICK (who fainted, & was ignored by Guts, so remained alive), SHIERKE (who reunited with her spirit & reawakened from her trance after guts committed suicide), & ISMA with ISIDRO!
Yes, that's right... Perhaps the ONLY "silver lining" to ANY of this, if you were hoping for one, is that Isidro manages to survive & LIVE ON... Isma happened to frantically plead Isidro to flee with her from the scene after seeing Azan & Serpico begin to battle the demented Guts... Isidro was in total denial, not wanting to leave Guts behind... Isma essentially saves Isidros life by begging him to run away with her. In the distance, as the battle develops on, Isidro glances back in time to see Guts having sent AZAN flying with a monstrous slash... Frozen in disbelief, time slows down... Isidro then sees Serpico – even from a distance, with malevolence beaming from his normally tame & modest gaze – fling himself at Guts to the effect of EXPERTLY thrusting his slender sword through the sleeve of Guts' Berserker armor & managing to pierce Guts' heart... Though this bold exchange would cost Serpico his life, as the strike was only afforded by the outcome that Guts had whipped his frame towards Serpico's fatal approach in time to back fist Serpico's head & face to a pulp with his mechanized left arm. Perhaps, with these features made more explicit, it is easier to understand how Manihico & Roderick were effected by these observations...
Tell me that isn't 'The Ending of The Story'...
Think about how sensible, probable, & meaningful all of that would be...
Now think about the fact that WE were NEVER given an appropriate ending... It could not have been afforded to us... We would have to invite ourselves before the truth, in concept.
THIS is the tale of Berserk. Guts should have died... "... YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED..."
It isn't even fair to say that this is MY ideal interpretation of the story... It's a formula...
This would be the most appropriate conclusion, in accordance with all that was given throughout the length of the tale.
This is the ending that no one will ever see unless they choose to respect what is true.
Guts' character is a portrayal of the idea the WE are all too romantically obsessed with living on... even when it clearly isn't a good idea to do so. It is a story of romance & tragedy; it is tragic to be so romantically obsessed with life.
Imo, if the story were to progress from there, I think we would see a drastic shift in the story themes as they were presented. Maybe, after such a horrid chapter as this latent concept of the never-to-be, almighty Ch.365, the virtues of a more "ephemeral" existence would be conveyed. In contrast to an unconditionally enduring one, as in 'Wisdom VS Strength'...
Strength can negate the repercussions of undesirable involvement with life; but WISDOM can negate undesirable involvement altogether, before it even begins...
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