DLoesch: @adamjam99 The reason to escalate a local law enforcement matter to federal level while invoking Patriot Act is important. This is very simple. Provide a police report.

2021.10.21 17:16 reddit_feed_bot DLoesch: @adamjam99 The reason to escalate a local law enforcement matter to federal level while invoking Patriot Act is important. This is very simple. Provide a police report.

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2021.10.21 17:16 Comprehensive-Loss36 take it take my upvote and leave you’ve done enough….

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2021.10.21 17:16 FBImanOffical Should they make a fat blunt flare

Idk what to put here
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2021.10.21 17:16 MrSharks202 Crazy Bull

Prompt: "You know some of us actually prefer to kick the hornets nest. It makes it easier to spot whose on which side."
He was a tall bullish man, with a thick mustache that curled around his lips and adorned a stone jaw. His shoulders were always straight and steady with his back, even when his horse was in a full sprint, and he never put his chin down when talking to another solider, he said that they deserved better. His men called him The Mad Bull, because they never knew what he was going to do, but whatever it was he'd do it until victory or death. The brass hats in command called him The Medicine, because when they were in a pickle he was their go-to.
"What's happening on the ridgeline Rodgers?"
"We had gotten a rider earlier today saying that they were sustaining heavy casualties. They're going to have to pull back or be wiped out."
"Godammit!" The man in charge was General Charles. He was old and had the wrinkled skin of a sun-burnt leather sack, but his age was the only old thing about him. His mind was sharper than anyone else in the whole military complex and his determination was famous. Under a bald head and thick white mustache general Charles was the best mind they had for strategy and tactics. "Alright Rodgers, we can't loose that ridge, not a shot. That bastard goes down and we have a whole in our front the size of my wife's ass!"
"What are your orders sir?"
Charles thought for a second, mulling over numbers and maps in his head. His thumb lightly tapped on the small wooden table that had the battle plans in front of him. "Where's the Medicine Charles?"
"We have him on the southern side, securing the naval front."
"Pull up him, replace him with Commander Drake as fast as you can. Reroute the current supply line to swing back down on the double and scoop him up and put him in."
"Aye sir." Charles could see the hesitancy on young Rodgers face as he wrote up the instructions. There was a panicked gleam in his eyes that highlighted a desperate bead of sweat crawling around his dark brow.
"Rodgers." He saw the young man look at him with wanting eyes. "The Medicine will save those men, I'm sure of it..."
"How many left!" Lucy screamed to the shell shocked soldier in front of her. "Godammit man! Answer me, how many of your men are left?"
The squad leader was covered in blood and had the unmistakable look in his eyes of pure, hallow emptiness. The soldiers on the front called it 'getting the soul shot out of you,' and it often times took the tongue with it. "Jason how many are left? For the love of god please tell me!"
She was screaming so she could be heard over the symphony of bullets and artillery fire. Lieutenant Lucy was in temporary control of the front since Commander Manny got obliterated from a head-on shell shot. She was sharp and mean but the chaos of a collapsing front was just to much from someone with such little experience.
"Two." The man finally said to her blankly.
Lucy opened her mouth to reply but couldn't find the words to say, her heart was starving and desperate for hope but everywhere she looked she only saw death and sorrow. It felt horrible, it was a feeling of total collapse. The world around her was falling apart and she had somehow been chosen to lead the apocalypse. "Alright." She said in the surest voice she could manage. "Aright, well done..." That was the only words she could find for the broken man in front of her.
As Lucy fell into a moment of pure darkness, still fighting desperately into the void of defeat, a strange sound echoed from the back of the line. It was the last thing she expected to hear at the moment, the most alien thing to her battle-worn ears. She heard cheering. "It's The Mad Bull!" They shouted. "They sent The Mad Bull!"
From the back ranks Lucy could see the man riding in on his black horse. Everything the legends said about him seemed to be true, his hair was black as night and his shoulders were square as a wall. The most noticeable thing by far though was his eyes, in them their seemed to be a violent fire that never stopped, they almost glowed as he road up to her.
"Are you in charge here?" He asked in a booming voice as he stepped of his horse.
"Yes sir!" She said dutifully. She was getting ready to explain herself, tell him why everything was in such a disarray, and hope to maybe save the little grace she had left, but before she could The Mad Bull promptly extended out a hand to her and met her eyes.
"I'd like to start out by personally thanking you for keeping this front alive. I'm convinced any other man would've let this place fall into complete route before my arrival. Before this shit show is over I'm putting a message into HQ for you to immediately be installed into commander training. You should be proud."
Lucy felt a surge of burning hope and pride rise in her heart. Something had changed on this front now, it felt suddenly brighter or more ready. Before she could ponder on it, the commander pulled out a map from his horse and slapped it on the table in front of her. "Lay it out." He said with focused eyes.
Lucy went about quickly giving a summary of the positions and problems. She showed him the horror that was their imminent defeat and falling lines while maintaining a new professional posture. "In summary sir, they're almost all over us."
"Would you say that we're surrounded?"
"Well sir, besides that little supple route we have etched into the dirt walls that you came in, yes the enemy has us surrounded."
The commander flashed a wicked smile. "Those poor bastards." He said with slow amusement.
Lucy couldn't believe what she was hearing, everything was falling apart in front of them, but here he stood sure that the enemies were the ones in trouble. "Sir?" She said trying to hide her disbelief. "What's the plan?"
"Let me let you in on a secret." He said while raising from the map to look her in the eyes. "With soldiers, there are only two kinds. Those born of steel and those not, and quite frankly I've seen those bastards on the other side and I'm quite convinced that they're not made of metal. So that leaves us only one plan."
"... That is?"
The Mad Bull lit a cigar before carrying on, huffing on its white cloudy smoke and pulling the embers into a small red roar. "We kick the hornets nest, make it easier to spot whose on which side of the metal. We're going to pull all the way back to the very end of our lines and give them a volley that will echo into Hell. Right after that we charge from the mounds and show them what real metal looks like, I'll be leading the charge."
"What! You can't lead the charge, you have to be back here! We can't lose you."
"Nonsense! I have it on good authority that they're waiting for me down in Hell. My men have set up a front against Satan and his band of demons, they're just waiting on my arrival." He smiled through the smoke of his cigar. "Quicker I get down there the quicker we freeze over Hell."
He hoped back on his horse and fixed his jacket to be the most presentable he could. "Grab a horse, let's get going." He told her, "These men need a spark to light their hearts again. I plan on giving them some fucking fireworks..."
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2021.10.21 17:16 annikolie Graduate Route Visa Waiting process

Hello, I am a recent Russian graduate who has applied for a new graduate visa on the 22nd of September. I have submitted the only document they asked for which was proof of payment for dentist work. Now when I log in to my account there is a button that says "Provide requested Evidence or Photos" but I have never received another email requesting any additional documents. Is this just how it's supposed to be or do I need to provide something? I've attached a screenshot with all my info removed for reference.
Thank you for any help
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2021.10.21 17:16 marshyandidk is purple janemba worth grinding to zenkai 7?

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2021.10.21 17:16 Jaxibash What if DCV vaulting occurred at a 2 year cycle rather than every year

I get why vaulting happens ,to free up space,reduce bugs,faster patches,later bring back stuff revamped etc. I get that but what if that was after 2 years? I got veteran friends who wanna dip their feet back into the game but I dont know if I'm ok with telling them to buy past seasons when they'll be gone in less than a year, and these are people who played tf out of forsaken,shadowkeep and beyond light so most of the staying content is what they've done already so the only new content they will have next year is if they decide to pay for witch queen (a 40 or more dollar expansion) and only 1 season that connects to it.
If they play now it will feel like a rush to enjoy before it goes rather than enjoy at your own pace.
So my thought is what if it happens after 2 years, so returning players dont feel pressured to play it all now before it goes or even discouraged at the sheer amount of content they'll have to quickly go through because people have other commitments like work,school,children and other hobbies. Plus not forgetting that there are dozens of other games people will want to play,no matter how addicting D2 is people like other games and dedicate time to other games.
The story is going to start getting weird I mean so much story gets left behind that it has to confuse new players,think about it new players this year probably dont know that we saved saint 14 with the help of osiris,we helped rasputin destroy the almighty before it crashed into the last city(they dont even know what the almighty is), they probably wont know that the pyramids caused multiple planets to disappear. I know there is a timeline in the UI but it's only a box of text that condenses a SEASONS WORTH OF STORY.
now come witch queen new players wont properly know about cayde, chase uldren down or even get properly introduced to crow, caitl and even mithrax, shit they WONT KNOW ABOUT THE CURRENT SEASON that builds up to witch queen explaining how our enemy has the light. At that point it would be like starting a show on season 3 ,you dont really know what's happening, you barely piece it together and never really understand characters. The new light campaign tries but it's not the most engaging thing.
Give content time to become boring, allow returning players time to enjoy content gradually, at least let new players get the gist of what's happening by getting the chance to enjoy past content.2 years feels like enough time.
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2021.10.21 17:16 reddit_feed_bot DLoesch: @adamjam99 Provide the police reports proving the death threats that justify treatment under Patriot Act prosecuted by DOJ.

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2021.10.21 17:16 bwolston New car. Who dis? (2017, 35K mi.) I’ve jumped from sedans to SUV’s this week and it is fantastic. I’m eye to eye with full-size pickup trucks on the road, what? Keeping it stock, just putting some Cooper Discoverer AT3’s on and calling it good.

New car. Who dis? (2017, 35K mi.) I’ve jumped from sedans to SUV’s this week and it is fantastic. I’m eye to eye with full-size pickup trucks on the road, what? Keeping it stock, just putting some Cooper Discoverer AT3’s on and calling it good. submitted by bwolston to LexusGX [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 17:16 420luv B2b Sales burnout and stress from company changes

Hey all. So I've been in a pretty long sales burnout rut. I work in B2B sales and have been directly impacted by supply chain issues for well over a year now. I'm tired and frustrated, customers are tired and frustrated, it's hard to get out of bed and make my calls/visits, and I feel like I can't escape work even on time off.
There is just so much going on that it's shutting me down.
I think the main issue is that lately it feels like upper management isn't listening, supporting, or caring at all. A noticeable shift in how we've always operated. It's not the implementation of SalesForce in November, or the program changes that are the problem. The problem is they're upping our quotas and raising expectations while simultaneously taking away resources and dropping programs and services that set us apart from our competitors.
I spoke to my new VP 2 weeks ago about a client of mine moving business to a competitor because we weren't meeting his needs (completely out of my control. It's supply chain related). I mentioned how COVID and supply chain issues have been frustrating for them. We're operating consistently at about 65-70%. Pretty quickly my VP moved to telling me how he's tired of excuses from the sales team and we need to work with what we have and get the numbers up.
It felt like an attack and just made me feel even shitter about selling right now. Mind you, he said this to me despite me turning out 20%+ increases in the last 2 years and 10%+ increases annually since I started with this company. The only reason I'm telling him hitting quota will be tough is because supply chain issues are getting worse. That's not me making excuses, that's me giving him direct insight from the field and our clients.
I am exhausted and lately it feels like our management team has no interest in supporting us. It feels like they're just trying to police us. I'm not the only rep feeling this either.
Any advice or words of wisdom? I feel like I'm losing the faith I've always had in my company to do what's right. This organization has always had an awesome supportive culture but it feels like we're throwing that out and going the route of typical corporate bullshit. I can even sense my direct manager's frustration with upper management.
Interestingly, the owners are both no longer involved with the company...and this culture shift seems to have conincided with that.
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2021.10.21 17:16 Sorry_im_not_Asian These shoes are my new favorite

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2021.10.21 17:16 stupid0bug Faltar às teóricas

Sou de 1o ano e estou a pensar em começar a faltar a aulas teóricas (por enquanto, só de química (e gestão se calhar)) quando vou a uma aula de química ou saio a meio ou quando fico até ao fim a única coisa que percebi foi que perdi ali duas horas e não aprendi nada já vi malta mais velha a dizer que acham estas aulas um desperdício de tempo mas sinto que toda a gente no meu curso está a apanhar bem a matéria acham um erro deixar de ir às aulas? que sites/canais de youtube/sebentas recomendam que as possam substituir?
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2021.10.21 17:16 The_Creator23 Easy Stun Lock Glitch !!

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2021.10.21 17:16 HaveYouPlayedBobMod I refuse to believe this is accurate so far. (Also this is an edit in progress that’s why flair. The edit is gonna be very rushed tho.)

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2021.10.21 17:16 imperfectapple Prison Break

Need 3 people to do prison break setups and heist PSN:AlwaysRuthlesss
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2021.10.21 17:16 Joel_M UK Physios: Where do you purchase small products/equipment?

I'm wondering where physiotherapists in the UK typically purchase small items such as lumbar support rolls, stretching straps, resistance bands, balance pads/stability trainers, incline boards, foam rollers, etc. I've heard Sissel, Madema and Performance Health are good companies. Who do you purchase from?
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2021.10.21 17:16 godawgs20 Sublease dowtown

Would anyone want to sublease a room downtown in farmers exchange? Rent is about $850. Starting in January.
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2021.10.21 17:16 Everrius Next char, need advice

I mist admit that my bad luck was broken! I found finally Jah rune and sold it.
Got grief, some vex runes etc.
Want to finally do melee char as I initially wanted.
Im considering Barb or Pala.
My main focus will be farming Trav, Chaos Sanct, Baal, keys and ubers.
Ww barb would be beat for aoe farm (chaos etc). But highly medicore for ubers. Frenzy seems ok for both.
My main concern is that I could get all of that done on zeal/smite pala better. Due to moge dmg, possible hammerding if i get bored. And smiter is pure uber farmer...
Tho barb got hork!
Please help me decide. Like to play both.
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2021.10.21 17:16 robertsechochamber U/FatOtis is a scammer (screenshots included)

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2021.10.21 17:16 ZoolShop Razer's smart RGB face mask is now available for $100

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2021.10.21 17:16 Massive_Dinner 👻Ghost Doge Token 👻 Stealth Launch 20 Minutes | Low Marketcap | Liquidity Lock | Liquidity Low

👻Ghost Doge Token 👻 Stealth Launch 20 Minutes | Low Marketcap | Liquidity Lock | Liquidity Low

TOKEN 👻Ghost Doge Token 👻 is funded solely through its own cryptocurrency, a BEP20 token leveraging a smart contract on the Binance Block Chain network.

Why should you HODL $GHOSTDOGE Tokens?

👻 Fair marketcap to get in, no whales

👻 Youtube/Twitter focus

👻 Marketing plans and expansions, team recruiting.

👻 Interesting concept of Tetris playing, getting ready for a come back.

👻 Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, and many other outlets published us.

👻 Fomotion, Money Ninjas, Crypto Pablo and others already made a video review on us.

❤️ We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!

We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders..💸

🎁 Tokenomics 🎁

- Total supply: 1,000,000,000

🔥 Burn upon release: 60%
💵4% Tax on every transaction
🔁 2% To Liquidity
📰 2% To Marketing

👻Contract Address


👻Buy : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xb36d21c5c5f3612af4850d60870d4aaaac1aa1a8

👻Telegram: https://t.me/GhostDogeToken
👻Telegram: https://t.me/GhostDogeToken
👻Telegram: https://t.me/GhostDogeToken

👻 Website: https://ghostdoge.com/ - Coming Soon
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2021.10.21 17:16 Piter_san ...

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2021.10.21 17:16 Byappo Wheel options?

Does anyone have pics of their sportsters or ones you found online with aftermarket wheels? I’m looking at changing the OEM black 9 spoke mag wheels on my sportster. Also links work as well.
I like the look of older model bikes with thin front tires and chrome spoke wheels and I’m leaning more towards that. Thanks!
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2021.10.21 17:16 monsterbucket anyone want two tickets to see Great Time, Zoe Sparks, and Thumber at the Middle East tonight?

I have two tickets to see Great Time, Zoe Sparks and Thumber tonight at the Middle East that I can't use. Shoot me a PM and I can email you the tickets. Doors at 8, show at 9.
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2021.10.21 17:16 browngirllover282 😍

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